10 Laundry Room Inspos from Wayfair

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Solid+Wood+Laundry+Room+Organizer (3)

It’s time to re-organize and re-storage your laundry room! We will give you some ideas and inspirations to declutter and reorganize your laundry room from Wayfair.


Shelf Laundy Chart

basic shelf laundry cart    basic shelf laundy cart 2

This is like a basic item you need in your laundry room for organizing. A shelf laundry cart can store your essentials in such practical ways. The size and the rolling casters can make it easier for you to pull the cart in and out, so you can store and place it even in the tightest spaces in your laundry room. For the first shelf laundry cart, you can click here; and click here for the second one. They’re currently on sale for only up to $23!


Tidy-Cup for Laundry Drips


You might not think about this one before. This tiny tidy-cup could be your solution for drip and mess in your laundry room. Prevent any more sticky drips of your detergent and softener. Moreover, it can also hold and store the cup. For a set of two tidy-cups, you just need to spend $19.99.


Iron Holder

Yes, you definitely need this one. Wouldn’t it just make storing your iron easier?

We got you two options for this one.

This one by Organize It All gives you different holder sections for the iron and spray bottles. Purchase this OIA Iron Board Holder on sale only for %15.99 now!

And the second one is from Rebrilliant. They offer you two colors you can choose: white and pewter. To install it, you only need to mount it onto the wall. Easy access and free up your floor space more, for sure. Rebrilliant Iron Holder only for $37.99 on sale!


Solid Wood Laundry Organizer



Opt for this solid wood laundry organizer for bigger and wider shelves. And don’t worry if you still want to have this but need it shorter, you can cut it off anywhere as the material is 100% solid wood. You can have them for the range of $289.99 – $296.99, and choose their color collection of red mahogany, caramel, espresso, and honey maple.

Or for even wider and bigger laundry organizer shelves, you can opt for this one instead:

These bigger guys come also in 4 different colors for $349.99 each.


Mobile Laundry Storage Rack Cart

laundry rach cart   

Another option for essentials storage is this 3-tier mobile storage rack cart. It would fit alongside the washer or dryer for extra storage. Purchase this for only $39.99.


Lint Roller

lint roller

In hurry and need some quick lint rolling? This one Sunbeam lint roller to the rescue. The roll holds up to 100 sheets to last through multiple uses. Each sheet is evenly coated with just the right amount of adhesive to capture dust and fibers without unraveling in the process. You’ll need this one rescuer in your laundry room, trust me. Get it for only $11.99!


Laundry Powder Container

laundry powder container

Another basic essential item, I suppose. But! Not only does this one Bloomingville vintage metal laundry organizer store, but also does give style to your laundry room organizing. And actually, you can store anything of your miscellaneous laundry supplies here – it’s up to you. It’s on sale currently for only $36.99.


Wall Shelf for Heavy-Duty Laundry


For an easier and more practical shelf unit to install, you can pick this shelf laundry room organizer. It can hold even your heavier laundry firmly. Also, as it’s mounted on the wall, you would save up more floor space and place or hang your clothes neatly there on the unit. It’s only $279.99!


Drying Rack

Get this drying rack for an extra drier to your laundry solution. It’s 3-tier and has rubber feet to keep it from moving. Plus. it’s rust-resistant! Wait no more, purchase it here for only $19.90 on sale.


Laundry Hamper

foldable laundry hamper   

Foldable: checked. Removable bag: checked. This bamboo laundry hamper is pretty spacious and pretty-looking too, isn’t it? And looking at the material, it’s eco-friendly as well! Moreover, it’s on sale only for $26.99 – grab it fast!


Alrighty, so those are our Wayfair recommendations for your laundry room organizing and storage. Go get ’em now! Happy shopping 😀


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