12 Amazing Home Decor Ideas from Amazon

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Need some amazing new decor inspos? Check out our Amazon home decor collective list down here!


Abstract Sculpted Figurines


This abstract figure statue series provide four different themes to choose from man and woman theme, couple theme, thinker theme, and reader theme. As a modern desk decor, it has a charm that appeals to everyone. It will go perfectly with any decoration and festival settings of your decor style. Such a great addition to any space from Amazon home decor.  Go place it in the hallway, TV cabinet, coffee table, study room, collection cabinet, desk, exhibition hall, and so on to enhance your artistic sense for space.


Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Bring a calming, zen, and decorative feel to any room with a gentle soothing flow of this tabletop fountain. A quiet, built-in, submersible pump automatically circulates the water and keeping it free of algae buildup. This best-seller of Amazon decor also has a unique lighting feature that creates a soft reflection to help you relax. You can also add more river rocks to it.


Personalized Wooden Reminder

Never forget and miss your family or friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, and any special events ever again. Just add the name & date to each disc/tag with a pen or pencil then hang it under the month on this personalized wooden calendar. This functional home decor would also make a great time for family members to work on the reminders together. Keep track of every memory ’cause each will happens once!


Gems Geode Bookends

It’s a unique Brazilian crystal bookend in agate stone to hold your stuff of any size. Use these crystal rocks as book stoppers, paperweights, or simply for decorative purposes in your office or home. Pretty sure everyone will be impressed by the jewel-toned beauty and amazing textures of this one Amazon decor item! 

Furthermore,  agate stones are well known for their high energetic potential, as well as for stimulating creativity and harmony. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies will harmoniously come together, transmitting a positive vibe.


Macrame Hanging Shelf

Add extra coziness to your living room or bedroom with these beautiful Macrame shelves. While also making additional storage, this Amazon room decor would definitely bring a chic vibe to your space. Now put your indoor plants, artworks, pictures, books, scents, and other small decor items on a good display with it.


Wooden Ladder 3-Tiered Tray

Get this cute mini rustic ladder in 3 pieces and a tray from Amazon decor collections only. Made of natural wood and well-printed, it’s surely durable to use for a long time. You can arrange and pair them with flowers, greenery, wood bead garland, and many more, for any room decor and occasion. Achieve that exquisite and retro charm now!


Votive Candle Holders

Creates a soothing peaceful ambiance in your home with this birdy small decor item on Amazon. It would make an excellent shelf, mantel, or table accent item with its vintage charm. Looking lovely and heartwarming, isn’t it?


Cement Succulent Planter Set of 3

Upgrade your living space with these concrete planters that cleverly harmonize natural and modern elements. You can use it to display your small indoor plants such as succulents, cactus, herbs, air plants, tillandsia, or even artificial plants. This one Amazon decor would add interest and elegance to any centerpiece, windowsill, desktop, or table setting, and make the most perfect little accents around the space. Moreover, each cement succulent planter is featured with its own drill hole to avoid water accumulation so your precious plants can grow and age gracefully.


XXL Dancing Bubble Fountain

Now this one is an extra massive home decor from Amazon. Comes in 7 various color lights, this bubbly floor panel would add radiant and popping neon colors to your home. It’s 72″x19″ and is completed with a remote control to adjust the glows.


7 Chakra Artificial Money Gem Tree

It’s a crystal tree base made with wooden and gemstone chips and branches of the tree made with golden wires and M seal. The 7 Chakras tree of life is the best hand-crafted Amazon decor item of the time, and definitely would suit any space of your home, office, and so forth. Then, the stone gem also brings and maintains balance, tolerance, satisfaction, courage, and positivity to you.


Ferris Wheel Gold Accent 

This superior-designed gold-plated iron Ferris wheel might look like a toy; however, it’s an ornamental decor that will accentuate the space it is in. Use it as a tabletop accent, bookend, or any more decor, and your room will look completely stylish. A modern decorative product with a simple design from one and only Amazon decor collections!


Intersecting Floating Cubes

These decorative intersecting floating cube shelves are made of durable MDF laminate. It comes in a Beautiful Espresso finish that suits any decor. Moreover, the wall-mounted Amazon home decor is for sure easy to install with all necessary hardware included. Use them to store and display any collectibles, photographs, figurines, and any other decor items that will beautify your room even more.


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