12 Exclusive Disney Home Decor Collection

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Still can’t go to the Disneyland this year? Them just bring the Disney to your home! Here we provide you our top-list Disney home decor to beautify any of your home space. No more once upon a dream of Disney, let’s make it come true!


Jack Skellington with Levitating Zero Figure

First and foremost of our Disney home decor ideas. This levitating figure features Jack Skellington playing fetch with his trusty friend Zero, who magnetically hovers when placed under the Christmas tree branch. Plus, USB supported power cord is included for a light-up effect.


The Haunted Mansion Water Globe

The happy haunts have received your sympathetic vibrations and would like to materialize inside your tomb as this eerie home accent. Madame Leota fills the water globe with her spirited presence while the Caretaker and Hitchhiking Ghosts ensure wall-to-wall creeps. Get this Disney home decor and feel the cold breeze creeps in!


Alice in Wonderland by Mary Blair Throw Pillow

If we talk about Disney home decor for adults, Alice throw pillow definitely has to make it on the list. Every house needs this gorgeous and dreamy throw pillow at least one! You’ll dream of a world all your own while napping on this colorful throw pillow illustrated with inspirational art for Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland by Mary Blair. It features the Garden of Live Flowers, highlighted by embroidered ”signature” and design accents.


Alice in Wonderland by Mary Blair Vase Set

Another Alice decor. Your little world will be a Wonderland when decorating with this set of three ceramic vases featuring Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter. Their varied shapes also add Wonderland’s quirky vibes, making these vases set more attractive and playful!


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ghost Halloween Candle

Light up your Halloween display with this hauntingly fun ”Happy Halloween” candle! Scented with pumpkin spice, this wax candle comes in a ceramic holder that features hair-raising cute Mickey and Minnie ghost designs. So if you’re looking for Disney Halloween home decor that will surely suit all ages,  just pick up this spooky scented candle!


Disney Lion King Shaped Wall Art

Can you feel the love tonight? Because Simba shaped wall art is definitely a lovely cutie to be haging out with you or the children at your space. It can be such a perfect finishing touch for your room, especially the nursery. Made from MDF materials, it also features dimensional grass together with the future lion king.


Hocus Pocus Wooden Door Hanger

You surely don’t want to miss the spooky season this year without these trio Hocus Pocus witch ladies. More Disney Halloween decor collection for you beacause, why not? Just hang it on your front door to welcome those kids who demand for your godda*n tricks or treats.


Aladdin Genie’s Magic Lamp

Now it’s the vintage Disney home decor. This Genie’s magic lamp from the depth of the Arabian nights for sure builds a mysterious and vintage atmosphere. Embossed with such luxurious floral design, it will not discolor and never need polishing. Also, the top stopper is removable. 


Disney Evil Queens Art Prints

Who says the Disney villains are always dangerous and unfriendly? Well, they can be cutiepies, too. Coming straight from the Disney home decor collection, these chibi wall art prints of the Disney evil queens would give off a different side of the villain mistresses to your space. You should absolutely opt for this one since the princesses wall arts are overrated, they say..


Baby Mickey Mouse Lamp

This custom night lamp features baby Mickey Mouse napping on a creamy yellow crescent moon and features a light bulb. Not only decorative, this one Disney home decor piece is also purposeful. Make the kids’ lights-off sleeping-train enjoyable and peaceful. And hey, they have other variations, too:


Click here for baby Minnie’s version, and here for the bigger Mickey.


Mickey Mouse Big Digit 3D Wall Clock

This Disney’s Mickey home decor also suits all ages with its modern yet classic design. For the kids, you can make time-training and/or time management lesson convenient and fun with this Mickey head wall clock. Moreover, it is mostly made out of plastic and gives a person strong stereo feeling, also easy to hang on the wall. The clock also comes in several different popping colors, such as light blue, pink, red, and white.


Tinker Bell Glowy Wall Stickers

Last but not least is this glowing Disney decor. Simply stick the decals to the wall, turn off the light, and enjoy the magic. This Tinker Bell glow in the dark stickers are as bright as the stars to light up the toom. Your child will be happy to sleep in his or her own room all night. The soft glow light would help them relax and fast asleep.


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