13 Gorgeous Decor Ideas for Your Porch

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If you haven’t re-decorated your porch in a while, this is a sign for you to do so. Or you haven’t really taken care of it, as you’re not sure where to start? Well, now is your time to start! Your porch actually has so much potential to make your house look more gorgeous and homier. Let’s see what you can do with your porch – here are some decor ideas for your home porch.


Bed Swing

Cr: brick&batten

The first idea for your porch decor inspiration is this porch bed swing. Imagine relaxing on a nice afternoon or dawn, swinging while reading your favorite book, and sipping some good tea. So much chilling you can get on there. You can even do a budget version of the swing by searching for its easy DIYs.


Minimalist Couple Chairs with a Rug

Cr: Woods & Ivory

Simply putting one or two chairs with a rug underneath to make it homier would absolutely work for your porch decor. This is suitable for the minimalists, or also if you just want your porch decorations low-key.

A Whole Set of Cozy Seatings

Cr: Jenna Kate at Home

How about you just put all the comfy seatings on your porch? It’s kind of like having an outdoor living room, which is pretty unique. This one looks perfect for your back porch decor as that way you can get more nature vibes.


And Put Up the Lights

Cr: Lauren Bless’er Home

With this seating set as your porch decor, add more decorative lights and lanterns for an evening session at your backyard porch. It is such a great inspo for your backyard’s small gathering in the middle of the summer breeze. Or maybe make it a decor idea for your thanksgiving for this year!


Farmhouse Inspired Porch

Cr: Hunker

If you miss some country vibes for your home decor, this one is for you. Besides the porch, you can decorate your front door as well to make it more farmhouse. It’s simple and pretty easy to achieve, as you mostly already own these utensils at home to turn into decor items. And if you don’t, worry not – you can still find it at the local flea market or at the online stores for affordable prices.


Boho Style Porch

Cr: Jessica Welling Interiors

Another porch idea with swings but make it boho! If you have a small porch but still want to pull out the swings, this type of swing would suit you best. Then, style it boho to add some more fun, and make it look playful and beautiful.


Plants & Flowers

Cr: Willow Street Interiors

Even if you only have a small front porch, there’s always one way or two to make it stylish. Plants and flowers indeed never go wrong for decorations. Moreover, this would also suit your front garden if you happen to grow any.


Curtain! And Lots of Pillows

Cr: The DIY Mommy

Isn’t it just lovely? Adding curtains is such a great idea to add comfort to your chilling spot on the porch, as well as make it more gorgeous. It’s best to put in the sunlight spot, so whenever the sun stings a bit too hard the curtains will come to your rescue. And let’s talk about those pillows, they surely look comfy and fluffy!


Rattans, Plant Shelf, and More Curtains

Cr: diyoutdoor.selbermachendeko.com

Themed decor is another idea you can have; for example, this rattan-themed furniture for more rustic feels on your porch. Then, there’s also a plant shelf to fill with your collection of houseplants. Another item we can point out is the curtains. If in the previous image the curtains are only on one side, for this one you can opt for all-sides curtains. Sheer fabric curtains would suit this concept perfectly, as you would still get the rays of sunlight in without getting soaked by it.



Cr: Woods & Ivory

Another swing, I know. But hammock can never go wrong when it comes to relaxing outdoor! So, get yourself a hammock if you prefer a simpler version of a huge bed swing. It’s also easier to install, and even a cheaper option to perfect your porch decor.


Fold-Down Murphy Bar

Cr: This Old House

Small patio idea to make your porch decor cooler, also more functional. Especially when you hold a small gathering at your backyard, this murphy bar is just a chef-kiss inspo. It’s also pretty easy to make the DIY version of it. Even when you don’t use it, it would still serve the look on your porch.


Swing Chairs the Classic

Cr: One Kindesign

One of the timeless options for porch decor is a swing chair. This one just never fails to make a porch inviting. If you already got one on your porch, all you need to do next is decorating it with, for example, some flowers and decorative bulbs. Add some pillows and blankies, too, if you like.


Wall Arts

Cr: DIYnCraft

The last but not least decor item you can’t skip to put on your porch is the wall arts. It can come in quotes, plants, flowers, decorative accessories, and many more. Most of the time, you can opt for wall arts that suit your whole decor theme. Tha way it will compliment your porch decorations even more.


So, have you got your favorite one yet? The key is to make your porch as inviting and cozy as possible, so you as well as your guests can enjoy relaxing there. Stay comfy!


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