14 Enchanted Home Decors from Etsy

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Our recommended online home decor shop today is Etsy. You can always find hidden gems there, and they undoubtedly will serve the look at your space. Check them out below: our best Etsy home decor, yours truly.


Chunky Knit Blanket

The room decor can also be functional, and even soft. If you’re looking for a gorgeous and comfy chunky knit blanket or a throw, then this is the one. It’s made from the luxury Merino wool that makes the blankie extra soft, warm, cozy, fluffy, and looking good.  Add a touch of style and warmth at the same time to your room. And it also comes in various colors.


Little Chef Illuminated Decor

Whether you’re a Ratatouille lover or just a simp for any unique home decor, this one Etsy Disney home decor is worth your every penny. The 3D lit-up little chef uses a standard battery to operate, so it’s easy to use. You can even attract and prank your guests with it – I mean, it literally looks like a little rat that’s trapped inside that glass! LOL


Custom Neon Sign

Exclusive from Etsy home decor sign collection. Customize and design your own neon sign for any of your home spaces. It’s one of the most unique and chic wall decor worldwide with the premium LED lights technology, making it stand out and durable over time. Style it with your preferred name, text, font, shape, and color. Check out here for the details.


Tempered Glass Wall Art

Etsy wall art tempered glass is the one you should opt for to light up your room, office, etc. Worry not, it will be sent in specially protected packaging to keep it from damage. And when you hang it on your wall, it also won’t fall down as it’s a special hanging apparatus made for this wall art. Moreover, the colors were produced with the UV printing technique directly on the back part of the glass, thus it won’t fade over time. It’s easy to clean, too.


Colorful Acrylic Art Vase

It’s clear and colorful; definitely would compliment your flower, plants, cacti, baby breaths, and so forth well. This Etsy home decor item is inspired by mid-century European and Nordic abstract art. The unique vase would brighten up your living room, bedroom, patio, indoor garden – any space you’d like it to be. Besides flowers and plants, it can also be a storage for your stuff, like make-up brushes, stationary, etc.


Forest Garden Miniature

Add an attractive touch to your home with this miniature garden in a glass bowl. It would absolutely beautify your console, mantle, office desk – at any more space and occasion. Furthermore, this Etsy festive home decor can also be an addition to a bridal bouquet! Such a multipurpose decor, isn’t it?


70s Sun Room Decor

Make a blank spot at your home with this sun art-print vintage home decor from the Etsy collection. It’d be easy for you to custom-print it as it will be sent in a form of an HD JPG digital download image. And don’t worry, they include the ratio list as well in the item’s details; click here to find out. To brighten it up even more, put a frame with it to put or hang it firmer on the wall or any surface.


Taxidermy Penelope Morpho in Frame

This project is designed to preserve the natural habitat of the animals and nature. And for an Etsy wall home decor, this preserved butterfly in a frame will definitely serve the look at your room. It even seems so real!


Midnight Blue Trinket Dish

It’s one of the most unique home decor items from Etsy that’s made of durable, non-toxic epoxy resin and color pigments. The hand-painted edges in silver colors make it even more authentic and elegant. This trinket or ring dish would make a great centerpiece in your space; just put some jewelry, make-up items, and so on in it and serve.


Veiled Lady Statue

The 13-inches sculpture of a lady with a veil is hands down the fanciest and most elegant one we got here. This is the sign for you to bring history and arts to your home and let them beautify.


Acrylic Painting on Canvas

This Etsy home decor piece is a handmade painting; original and no copies. You would get exactly what you see in the picture and be the sole owner as well. Either you add a frame or not, it’d surely make your room more vibrant and fresh with its color combo.


Clay Boho Wall Art

Spice up your home, office, window, etc with clay hanging wall art. This cheap home decor from Etsy consists of polymer clay, dried flowers, and leather tassel; making it adorable and durable to hang in your personal space.


Vintage Candle Holders

Such minimalist handcrafted candle holders for your standard tealight candles. Each holder features 10,999 holes to create a warm and cozy ambiance for any of your rooms. Even without burning candles, this Etsy rustic decor would still carry the fashionable look to your space.


Bathroom Funny Sign

We love funny stuff. Get this in a form of a digital download image and print it to your size. Then, put it in your bathroom or toilet as nice room decor – only from Etsy!


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