15 Outstanding Rustic Outdoor Decor Ideas

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Not only you can put your decor inside your house, but also at the outside. It would be just as beautiful and more varied as well. Take a look at our recommendation of outdoor rustic decor for your rustic home here!

Rustic Outdoor Wall Lantern


Starting off with this modern motion sensor outdoor wall light. So this smart lantern can sense when there’s motion approaching near and adjust the light from dim to bright. When there’s no more motion around, it will go back to a soft normal dim state. That energy-saving feature is so environmental-friendly. Next, the whole design is adapted from the nautical style that brings a rustic coastal New England vibe to your home. Bulbs included!


Vintage Industrial Double-sided Clock

This retro decorative wall clock will definitely beautify your antique collection indoor as well as outdoor. Its design is uniquely inspired by a train station clock, allow you to add a more rustic vintage feel to your porch. Moreover, this dual face clock is quiet, non-ticking, and includes a metal wall bracket so you can mount it to the wall.


Galvanized Metal Wall Planter


Comes with a set of 3, this wall pocket planter set includes thick hemp rope to make it firmly hung on the wall. The whole feature and design seem to compliment and complete each other, making it looks stunningly rustic and vintage. It’s made of high-quality solid, flexible, and durable iron. Put your houseplant and/or flowers in this set.


Rustic Outdoor Beverage Cooler


This one would rock your patio party. Keep your drinks cool longer outside with this rustic beverage cooler. It has side handles to make it easier to carry it around when needed, even when it’s fully loaded. Even better, it includes a drainage spout and bottle opener.

When it’s not used, just leave it and store it on your patio as it would make an awesome rustic outdoor décor with its cool wooden design.


Old-Fashion Pump Barrel Rustic Fountain

Complete your outdoor décor look with this vintage barrel fountain. It’s completed with an interior pump that would keep the water flowing. All you need to do is just plug it in, and get the relaxing and calming feel from the water flow. On top of that, the rustic look from its whole design would absolutely make a pleasant décor. And don’t worry, the materials are rust and weather-resistant to keep it looking new over time.


Outdoor Garden Arch Arbor

Add a bit of floral accent to your outdoor rustic décor with this metal arch arbor. Start by getting the arbor, then add the rest of the flowers (real or faux, whichever you like!) onto it. Imagine how pretty and live-fully would it be in your backyard, garden, patio, or even porch! Plus, the strong metal material would make it stand up to the weather so you wouldn’t need to worry.


Wooden Garden Bridge Arch

This rustic wooden bridge at your home garden would pull out a whimsical touch to the whole look. You can install it over a small pond or stream to make mobility easier there. Or if you don’t have either, you can still install it on whichever ground surface, though. Just be playful and creative!


Outdoor Relaxing Water Fountain

If you like an extra water fountain to adore your rustic outdoor décor, you should get this stoned one. This outdoor fountain also features LED lights to keep it lit at night. It’s safety tested and low-voltage, so it’s approved to be energy efficient.


Bird Cage Wind Chime


Looking for a cutesy bitsy décor? Opt for this vintage rustic metal wind chime. With the birdcage design and dark metal rust patina, this one looks extra charming and adorable. And whenever the breeze blows, it would for sure make a soothing and peaceful tingling sound. You can hang it in your garden, patio, or courtyard.


Vertical Garden Planter

For your front entrance or fence yard rustic decor, you should put this 3-tier planter. Fill them with your favorite teeny-bitty flowers, houseplants, or also herbs to make them more refreshing and even colorful.


Rustic Bronze Wall Décor

This one is designed with a rustic theme for a cozy and organic feel to your outdoor space. Made of sturdy wrought iron with a bronze finishing, this wall décor radiates a distinguished aged aesthetic gracefully. So if you’re looking for a rustic industrial feel, why not opt for this one?


Rustic Wood-Metal Window

With the muted wood tones and metal details, this window frame wall décor definitely screams rustic. By getting this one, you won’t need to install a new rustic window to complete your whole room look. Just purchase a window-like décor like this, and you’re all set.


Architectural Window Wall Décor

And if you prefer a single frame window to the double frame one, this one is for you. Plus, he distressed metal is so on point to make it truly rustic and industrial. You can place it indoors or outdoors – anywhere – and would always slay.


Welcome Wreath for Front Door Sign 


As you can see, you can either put it at your front door or front fence – anywhere at the entrance. This circular welcome sign would be such a lovely touch for your farmhouse or rustic décor. The little faux sunflower combined with the wooden plate would make your entryway brighter and more welcoming.


Knothole Gnome Welcome Statue

The classic smiley Knothole Gnome could never go wrong with a rustic outdoor style decor. You can put it literally anywhere, like at your door, garden, porch, or even the tree at your front/backyard. It’s completed with keyhole slots for attaching it to the surface.


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