15 Shimmering Golden Decor Ideas

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Don’t you think your room needs a bit of gold rush? Well, you should maybe try to add gold hints to some spots in your house It could be in any shape and function! Now check our recommendation of golden decor and units below:


Abstract Thinking Statues 

“I think, therefore I am”. The graceful thinker statues boldly use golden colors as their coats.  With a surface that is finely polished, the beauty of this statue would never fade and be eye-catching as always. This set of statues will present the charm of modern art at your home.


Golden Tray Mirror


Storing your stuff with style in this classy golden tray mirror. Imagine putting your make-up, skincare, perfumery, jewelry, or even scented candle in it. To state more impression, you can also make it storage for stuff at your bathroom, entryway, bar, and so forth – name it all you want. Isn’t it such an absolute aesthetic?


Modern Golden Square Storage

This shiny modern square organizer with a removable lid gives you a variety of storage options. You can store your bath bombs, make-up sponges, soaps, accessories, office supplies – anything you need to store. The clear container looks simple, yet the golden lid gives it an elegant hint, making it minimalistic and classy at once.


Hexagon Gold Mirror Sticker

Mirror is one of the aesthetic essentials nowadays. Wanna join the trend but don’t feel like affording another mirror? Just opt for this wall sticker mirror. The hexagon design with hints of gold makes it perfect to add a flashy touch to any of your rooms. It could be applied to most smooth and clean surfaces such as walls, doors, windows, closets, and so on.


Artificial Succulent of 3-Set

These polyhedral glass planters will add some modern decorative touch and natural greenery to your living space without the worry of overwatering and underwatering. It is designed in 3 different shapes of Globe, Teardrop, and Bowl. These gold desk accessories provide an eye-catching statement to your guests. No matter what season, the potted faux plants will add timeless greenery to your space.


Tabletop Tree of Pearls

An LED tree lamp that would bring a dreamy glow into your home with its fairy rays. The golden trunk and branches will also add elegance to the pearl beams. It’s like having a bonsai plant, but with extra glow and decor.


Gold Metal Vase

Modern design combines elegant concept with Nordic style, making this metal vase generous yet gorgeous. The golden vase will go well with many different plants. The bottom part is completed with a non-slip pad, which can prevent the metal vase from falling off or getting scratches.


Gold Female Shape Decor

This minimalist outlined wall art is based on the golden simple lines of a female silhouette. It’s classic, fancy, and suitable for lighting up the overall style of your home anywhere it’s put.


Iron Wall Sculpture

Add a touch of the tropics to any wall with this modern metal jungle wall decor. Create a focal point in your living room, bedroom, office – any room, basically! – with these shiny and serene golden leaves. It comes in a set of 4, so you’ll be able to get creative decorating with it all you want.


Gold Reindeer Wine Holder

The Reindeer Wine Holder is standing with all the energy. It’s simple but not casual, advanced but not grandiose. And the beautiful gold color finish makes the item concise, modern, and graceful. It would hold your wine bottle strong and firm. Even when it’s not holding any, this holder would still make perfect decor for your bar.


Gold Step Trash Can

Now you can even make throwing trashes golden with this bin. And no need to worry about the can gets rusty as it’s made of stainless steel that’s also easy to clean. Moreover, the inner bucket is removable whenever you need to clean or replace it.


LED Flameless Candles

You don’t always need real candles to make them decorative for your space. Just put on these faux candles and adjust the flames all you want with the remote control. Although with no real flames, the gold rush will surely still bring you a warm ambiance and a romantic atmosphere.


Gold 6-Piece Desk Organizer

You can store all your supplies with these cute desk organizers. Make storage cute, fun, and fancy with this 6-in-1 organizer’s golden touch. Get a pencil cup, letter sorter, sticky note holder, magazine/document files holder, paper tray, and business card holder all in once with this one full set.


Triangle Desktop Files

Another workspace supplies. These golden triangles can hold your books, magazine, photo frames, file folders, and other knickknacks you got there. Keep your space tidy and clean with the classic style of this file holder. Made of fine iron and nicely painted with high-quality golden paint, it’s definitely rust-resistant and has a strong grip.


3-Piece Golden Cake Holders

Moving on to the pastry vanity, it’s this antique cake stand set. It’s perfect to put your pastries on display, from cakes, cupcakes, fruits, candies, to cookies, and any other more desserts Make your celebrations more dazzling with these serving plates.


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