16 Easy Storage Hacks for Small Bathroom

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Cr: Urban Outfitters
Cr: Urban Outfitters

Who says having a small bathroom means having small storage and space? All you need is just a couple of hacks to get yourself more extra storage, and even make your bathroom larger or spacious! Stick with us and keep on reading. we present to you small bathroom hacks that are practical, easy, and, most importantly, not-so-pricey.


1. Towel rack/shelf

Cr: Kohl’s

Take advantage of vertical space on your bathroom wall for this one. Hang and mount cubbies storage to place your hand towels, washcloths, and the other additional small extras that are essential to include there. Additional hack: roll the towel(s) so it can fit into the cubbies.


2. Lazy susans in the cabinet or vanity

Cr: Cpuntry Living Magazine

To get your collections of bottles and jars orderly, turntables are perfect for you. Or you can even use lazy susan instead, that way you can twirl it flexibly when looking to what you need to grab. This will make it easier for you to organize as them bottles, jars, or any containers come in various size. For more efficient use, place the taller or bigger ones in the center and the smaller ones to the edge of the turntable or lazy susan, so you can easily see and grab them.


3. Bathroom basket shelves

Cr: Fabiana Tardochi

This would also add some cuteness and aesthetics to your bathroom. It’s suitable to be nailed next to the mirror, then store your various essential products there. Putting them up is also pretty easy, just hammer some nails to the wall, hang the baskets there, and you’re all set.


4. Hanging shower essentials

Cr: Jessica Rapp

For shower essentials, you can use small plastic laundry bags to store any soap, shampoo, scrub, etc. You’ll need to hang them on the wall with water-resistant command hooks so they can hang firmly there.


5. Cleaning supply under the sink

Cr: Better Homes and Gardens

Check your under-the-sink cabinet; isn’t there a small space-y room? You can make it to store your bathroom cleaning supplies, so they won’t take any other space or storage outside. Add a tiered organizer or an expandable under-sink organizer to hold the supplies together so they can stay tidy inside there.


6. Upright file sorter for towel rolls

Cr: Apartment Therapy

Another hack for tiny towels and/or handcloths if you don’t prefer the previous one that needs mounting to your bathroom wall and extra effort. Roll them tight, then store them into an upright magazine-and-file sorter to keep them sorted and tidied up. Then, you can place them on top of the cabinet, vanity, or any other surface that’s suitable.


7. Wire rack in the bathroom cabinet door

Cr: Ann Vanderwiel Wilde

The inner part of your cabinet or vanity door can bring so much potential for you, especially if they’re quite empty and plain. Hang some adhesive hooks and/or a wire rack to keep your, for example, hair cares and tools as seen in the image.


8. Floating no-drill shelf

If drilling or nailing is prohibited in your rent-apartment bathroom, or you just simply don’t like extra effort, the no-holes floating shelf is a good choice for you. It has an adhesive strip to hang it still on the walls and can carry for up to 15 pounds weight of products.


9. Functional magnetic strip

Cr: Jay Wilde

If a wire rack is too big or stuffy for your cabinet door or side counter, you can use another alternative such as this magnetic strip. You can store your metal pedicure sets there and even your bobby pins. With such a storage organization, you wouldn’t spend too much time looking for your pins anymore as they are hanged in the strip.


10. Unifying tray

The tray is suitable for you who tend to just put up the small essentials in front of the mirror. It will keep your products organized as they stay still in the tray.


11. Bathroom dual-purpose mirror

Cr: Urban Outfitters

Install a dual-purpose mirror instead if possible. Outside, it’s a mirror that captures perfectly for you to put on make-up or skincare routine. But inside, it is an organizer to store your beauty, sanitary, and/or health products.


12. Curved shelving unit

Cr: Amazon

You can install this curved shelving unit especially if your own a pedestal sink. It will give you extra storage shelving to put anything you need of an extra placement.


13. Bathroom storage carts

Cr: Amazon

Another unique option for your bathroom storage is a wheeled cart. Put your essentials products there, from body care, hair care, to pedicure kits – and, of course, any other more of yours.


14. Hooked shower organizer

Cr: Camping World

Your shower curtain rode can hold more than your shower curtain! Now take advantage of it to hook a shower pocket organizer at the inner side that is easy to reach when you shower.


15. Caddy over the shower head

Cr: Amazon

Another one you can opt for is to hang a shower caddy over your shower head. There you can store your shower essentials effectively as its structure seems to give much support to hold your product bottles.


16. Bathroom mirror-mounted organizer

Cr: Amazon

If you’re okay with invading your mirror, this one toiletry organizer would grip perfectly on your mirror without leaving any adhesive.  This is a perfect hack if you don’t have any more space on your walls.


So, those are 16 hack ideas for your small bathroom. Choose whichever you want! And make your bathroom automatically spacey with its new extra storage 😀




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