18 Best Homemade Furniture Repurpose

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Source: itsoverflowing
Source: itsoverflowing

Whenever it’s time to get some furniture units, you don’t always need to buy brand new ones. There are ways to make them homemade! Lucky for you if you’re looking for some DIY furnishings ideas since we’re just about to talk about it. Check them out below!


Rustic Vertical Shelving Units

Source: Esty

If you look closely, you will see what this shelving is made of. Slightly it looks like that expensive and hard one to make. But actually, it only needs plumbing pipes and cedar woods that can absolutely be homemade. You can store any of your stuff there, or even make it a cat tree!


Rustic console table 

Source: Lifestorage

For a console table, this one is quite easy to make even for newbies who just get started a DIY homemade project. Lifestorage also says that it’s surely inexpensive and would only cost you about $50 in a total of the making. Check out here for the steps.


Crate Case

Source: oneartsymama

Spot some useless wooden crates? Turn them into this multifunction crate case! Once it’s done, you can make it as your bookcase, nightstand, console, shoe racks, or storage for clothes, toys, photograph frames, and any other home decors.

Source: Reciclare Decor

Either leave the original rustic colors or repaint them colorful, you’re all good to go. Plus, you can stack them organized, or make some fun on the walls. Just be as creative as you are!


Cedar Sofa

Source: itsoverflowing

Another unit you can make out of wooden crates and extra paddings, and of course, homemade. Voila, your DIY couch. You can place it anywhere, like in the living room, patio, or porch.  


Fruit & Veggies Holder

Source: Hometalk

With pallet wood, old used baskets, and screw hangers, you can already build this series of holders. Even if you only have one basket or two, it’s certainly cool. The essence is that you can build them together. It would suit your kitchen the most and would be useful to store the fruits and vegs there.


Pallet Bed 

Source: 1001 Pallets

Now, who says you can’t DIY your bed? With recycled pallets, you can even make the most basic components of a bed such as a platform, bed frames, and headboard.


Wooden single chair

Source: Thrifty and Chic

The next wood-inspired furnishing is this single chair. The design itself is quite simple for a homemade furnishing unit, and you can still build just one chair.

It’s up to you to paint its colors, to add some paddings, or leave it just like that.


Reused Skateboard Seating

Source: Bored Panda

Got any unused broken skateboards? Don’t throw it away! Turn them into this unique homemade seating and tiny desk instead. Then, use them as your working desk, coffee table, or for your kids’ eating seats. Functional, isn’t it?


Pallet Coffee Table 

Source: kitchenfun

Not only can you make the pallets a table, but also you can provide some space underneath it as drawers. That way you can store more stuff without being seen or shown inside the drawers.


Old Tire Table 

Source: Little Thing
Source: Bored Art

A huge leftover tire can transform into an aesthetic homemade coffee table if you’re willing to make it true! Add some rope and put a glass on it, you’re all good to go. It’s as easy as it may seem – you can just try by looking at that image!

Recycled DIY Bench

Source: ArtsyChicks

A homemade bench would be a lot easier to make out of recycled deck wood. You can place it inside your house or outdoor at your porch, patio, and backyard; take advantage of it as much as you want. It can even turn into your table for your living room.


Stool Table

Source: Shanty Chic

If you’re bored with your stool chairs, just put a flat wood over them and add some pallets underneath. There goes your new DIY table out of the stool chairs. Repurpose them whenever you need them to be regular chairs over again. Pretty easy, right?


Ladder Shelves

Source: decoist

Your old ladder can turn into more useful shelves like this. Just paint it with any color(s) you want and hang it mounted onto the wall. You can use the above surface to store some stuff, and hang some clothes on the ladders. Easy peasy simplicity!


Ladder Bookshelf

Source: InspirationsDeco

One more ladder repurpose. It’s obviously the easiest one so far. You only need to hang it on your wall and voila, the bookshelf is ready to serve. Maybe add more color paints if you prefer it to be popping. But for more rustic feel, just leave it be as it is.


Repurposed Store Drawer

Source: HomeTalk

Your old store drawers just need some repainting and additional feet to be this useful DIY console shelf. These two images must be enough to inspire you, and that’s it. It’s cute, functional, and easy as it seems.

Source: regardsetmaison


Wheel Table

Source: Revista Artesanato

Try this homemade corner table idea with an unused wheel at your garage. Be playful with colors and paint it as you like. You can use clear round glass for the top, or any other material that you prefer more.


Sewing Machine

Source: nestorcarrarasrl

This working table just screams mediocre sewing machine is just boring. LOL. So, why not repurpose it into something that you can use every day? Instead of leaving it dusty in the corner, especially if it can’t rOr else make it into this corner table, perhaps?


Antique Chair Shelf

Source: skicountryantiques

Even an old unit as this antique chair can be upcycled for another purpose. Hang it on the wall, then hang some stuff onto it. Also, put some flowers and decor above it.

Here’s another idea for you:

Source: dishfunctional design


So, have you been inspired yet? The keys are creativity, persistence, and have fun!


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