19 Glamorous Galaxy Room Decor Inspos

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Just like the universe, the galaxy room never seems to lose its timeless popularity. Over time, it’s still on top of the list of room decor aesthetics that you have to try at least once a lifetime. So here’s our galaxy room decor ideas:


Galaxy Projector Led Star Night Light

The starlight projector provides a remote-controlled flash of fabulous 8 colors variety while supplying the perfect ambient lighting. It also includes built-in stereo Bluetooth speaker and USB slot for you to play some soothing music while enjoying the astronomical views. You can set the timer to 2H or 4H and it will automatically turn off when it reaches the limit.


One Fire Galaxy Projector

Besides the light projector, you can also enjoy white noise sounds (like a fan, thunderstorm, cricket, running water, and ocean wave) in the lowest volume that would soothe you to sleep. or, you can just put on your favorite music through its Bluetooth speaker. Achieve a relaxing atmosphere with this star nebula cloud moon galaxy projector.


Colorful Aurora Projector & White Noise Night Light

Enjoy the Northern skies with this aurora projector that’s completed with built-in 8 white noises. The combination would bring a relaxed and comfortable sleeping night, yours truly. Its remote control with simple buttons makes the ceiling projector easy to cycle through light effects, adjust brightness, adjust speed, or set timer control. Put it on immediately and you will sail into the dreamy ocean of auroras.


16 Colors LED 3D Saturn Lamp

In the middle of your darkroom, the Saturn will glow beautifully to put you tight and sound. It’s also provided with 16 soft color options of the light and 4 pre-set modes, perfect for your galaxy room. For this model, you can dim the light with 7 brightness levels smoothly, and the brightness memory function will remember the last setting.


Space Outer Sky Microfiber Bedding Set


Moving to the bed set, this 3D-designed one comes in a set of a comforter and 2 pillowcases. It’s reversible and both sides are just as astronomical. Add a touch of luxurious and mysterious style to your bedroom! Check out more for 4 other galaxy bedding set patterns here.


Lahasbja Blue Starry Sky Tapestry

You don’t always need to buy some LED galaxy lamps. This colorful galaxy tapestry with blue and purple as key tones shows a vast cosmic sky in a more affordable way. However, it’s just as well beautiful.  The starry tapestries can widely be used as tapestry, bedspread, wall decoration, curtain, tablecloth, or anything you need.


Colormax Glittery Northern Lights

This glittered lamp is completed with a clear liquid and decal base. Hypnotize yourself and go with the flow as the glitter magically spins around in your galaxy room. The plug is pretty easy to access into the standard household plug-in.


Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain


Now it’s this easy twinkly curtain. Three words to describe: simple yet pretty. It comes with 8 Modes settings: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on. And for the galaxy versions, it has blue and purple that you can opt for.


LED Rainbow Projection Light

For less sophisticated galaxy lights, you can opt for this rainbow projection instead. You can mediate 16 varieties of colors and 5 flashing control modes with remote control. The beams will project the low-key colors of the galaxy to your room.


Chic Houses Space Science Clock

This non-ticking planets wall clock will make a cool decorative addition to your galaxy room. It’s made of fashion printed acrylic plank design, with no frame and no cover. It would definitely last over time.


Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling or Wall Stickers

These adhesive stars & dots would turn the room instantly into a magical galaxy sky. It’s also suitable for the nursery or children’s room. The illuminated stars will absolutely catch your gaze every time.


NICETOWN Starry Sky Curtain 

At night, the stars will glow in the dark. While at noon, the curtain would make nap – especially for your kids – relaxing as it has a blackout effect. It doesn’t only fit a galaxy room, but also any décor you have.


Bed Canopy with Fluorescent Stars

Complete your galaxy room and even get a sweet sleep to the milky way with this sleeky canopy. The glowing little stars will keep twinkle throughout the rest of your night. And don’t worry, the stars will always stick even over time!


Shining Space Galaxy and Plane Wall Decals

This one would suit the kids’ room as well. The stickers will need to absorb natural light during the day , and then magically glow all night. All stickers can be combined in a variety of ways to create your own starry sky.


Glow in the Dark Solar System and Spaceships Wall Stickers

Isn’t it adorable for your children’s galaxy room? Made of high-quality eco-friendly and non-toxic PVC material, these glowy planets and spaceships are for sure safe to use. This wall decal can make the kids feel like in a spaceship exploring outer space!


Moon Lamp

No cap.

Perfectly. Astronomically. Gorgeous.


Rocket LED Night Light Star Projector

Another itty bitty galaxy stuff for the kids. This LED rocket light can project stars and moon on the ceiling and wall to create a starry sky by rotating 360 degrees. Accompanied by 4 wonderful light music songs, they can also help you to have a nighty dreamy sleep.


Star Projector Night Light

Besides those adhesive stars stickers, we got you this star projector as well. No need to install: plug the LED atmosphere light into any USB interfaces and you’re all set. It will fit any corners and angles, such a pretty decorative addition to your galaxy room.


Solar System 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

With this illusion lamp, you can at once make studying the solar system fun. Besides, it will undoubtedly bring you a pleasant and peaceful sleep. It’s simply controlled by a 24 keys IR remote with 16 single colors static modes and 4 dynamic flash colors modes (flash/strobe/fade/smooth) and brightness adjusting.


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