20 Motivational Home Gym Decor Inspos

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A home gym is the best space to maintain the healthy habit of exercising. To keep you motivated, your workout room has to be vibrant as well with the accessories and decorations that will match the atmosphere. Here we got you home gym decor inspos that you can use for your exercise room at your own home:


4-set Gym Posters

Keep training and get stronger with this set of 4 gym posters. It’s such a perfect home gym wall décor to keep you motivated working out. You can hang them close together, or put them separately. For a better visual effect, you can add frames to each poster.


Inspirational Exercise Workout Wood Plaque

Stay motivated whether you’re bodybuilding, doing yoga, or pilates with this inspirational wood plaque on your gym room wall. This rustic workout room decor is made from 100% solid wood and thus it’s durable. Best to hang on a shelf, on a wall, or next to your gym equipment.


Multifunctional Rack Shelf

Specially designed for home gym exercisers, this wall-mounted rack shelf will help you organizing your towel, yoga mat, bike shoes, exercise bands, protein powder jar, and many more in an all-around way. That way you can save more space, especially in your small workout room, and keep it tidy and clean. It’s made of sturdy high-quality bamboo material, so it allows you to place some heavy stuff even up to 50kg.


Wall Mount Yoga Mat Roller

This yoga mat holder offers you an efficient and decorative way to store your exercise equipment while and a yoga mat, foam rollers, workout bands, and more are at your fingertips. It can fit the full size 6″ diameter foam rollers safely. It’s also effective storage if you have a small home gym room. Make organizing stylish!


Motivational Wall Decals

Imagine having this installed at your clear glass window; wouldn’t it be aesthetic? Of course, it can do on walls or doors as well. Get this one clear statement as one of your workout room ideas.


Red LED Clock

This one extra-large digital clock is completed with an indoor temperature and calendar display. It would make such a functional and modern home gym décor with its cool and stylish design. Moreover, the clock face is made of high-grade glass (no acrylic), which makes the clock more upscale and durable. You can opt to hang it on the wall with its hanger or put it on a surface with its fold stand.


Tin Signs Home Gym Decoration 

This cool retro tin sign is suitable to enhance the interior of your exercise room, creating a classic atmosphere into it. The statement is short and sharp; that way you can keep up with your deadlifting session and never give up.


LED Interval Timer 


Another modern home gym inspiration. This LED stopwatch will be very helpful for your workout-tracking, especially if you need to keep up with the time. It’s huge, clear, and easy to spot. You can set up your training times, intervals, rounds, rest periods, and so forth with only the remote control. It also has a buzzer inside, so you can easily focus on your exercise while the alarm will beep according to your set timing.


Gym Mirrors 10″ Square 12-Set

The trendy frameless mirrors are conspicuous, versatile, and fashionable for your workout room idea. You can be creative putting them on to make one big mirror or else putting them separately – either will make a cool décor design. Also, you don’t need to worry about the sharp edges of these mirror tiles as they’re finely polished. Thus, it’s smooth, safe, and convenient to use.


HD Tempered Glass


If you don’t really want to put the mirror piece by piece, this one solid mirror is for you. It’s completed with an HD tempered glass that makes it crystal clear to be your workout buddy. You can also buy multiple kits to cover a larger area if needed.


Yoga Pose Statue

The meditation Yoga statue is coated with Antique Silver color and showing a rustic meditation sculpture pose appearance. It’s such a unique décor for your home gym inspiration, to remind you that yoga and meditation are also an important part of your workout sessions.


Positivity Wall Arts

Make your exercise room vibrant and lively with this gym room wall art decor. It will instantly add a minimalistic and modern touch to your workout space while also being affirmative and inspirational. Give it an extra boost to achieve your goal.


‘Hustle’ Neon Letter Sign

This is so extra for your exercise room idea. Create a cool vibe and make your workout space more colorful with these neon lights. These neon signs have 2 pre-drilled holes for wall mounting or hanging, with two adhesive hooks and one chain for you to use.


Motivational Gym Cat Sign

Looking for some cute home gym picture ideas? This one might be for you. Good-looking. vintage, and durable all at once. Stay motivated and cheerful with the gym cat!


Dumbbell Patent Set of 3

Add this 3-set wall art into your home gym design. They’re printed on a high-quality canvas and framed with real wood, thus the durability is no need to question. The printing and canvases won’t warp or bow over time. Aren’t they just cool?


‘The Limit’ Wall Decals

It seems that motivational wall decors can never go wrong at the gym space. Create a cool look and stay inspired with this wall decal statement. They can be used on almost any flat surface (walls, mirrors, windows, furniture, etc.) and also on slightly textured walls.


Home Gym Fruit Decors

This one is quite practical to apply at your home workout room – and another cutesy décor! You’ll get the JPEG files of these three with high resolutions, then you can print it all you want for the size, dimension, frames, and so on. That way you can fit them into your gym space freely.


‘In This Gym’ Wall Stickers

It’s just cool and stylish to put on your exercise room walls, mirrors, doors, and any more surface you like. Pretty sure a vibrant home gym design would make you even happier and more motivated!


Gym Wall Art Canvas Set

Nothing beats a good sight on a set of pictures to keep you motivated to reach your best. You can now experience it with this canvas set. It is stretched, ready, and easy to hang perfectly at the wall of your beautiful home gym.


Funny Squat Unicorn Quote

Last but not least is this baddie unicorn. Just listen to it! Squat, because no one raps about small buttocks!


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