21 Glorious Morning Room Ideas

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Source: PullCast
Source: PullCast

The morning room has always been worth your home space. It’s actually a classical concept since most houses back then have one morning room, where people start their activities. As for how it’s named, it’s a room where you usually start your day doing some morning routines, like sipping the morning coffee, chit-chatting, reading news, watching TV, and so on. Maybe you don’t know the essentials of a morning room before you try to make one as your day starter packs. Imagine waking up to a nice view and atmosphere in the morning. It could be your living room, kitchen, or even patio. So, décor it up!

Before we begin to look for what we can do to decorate your morning room, peek at some basic guides by Living Spaces here:

  • Try warm colors. Because this is the spot where you’ll spend time before the start of your day, chances are the temps will be cooler than, say, midday or afternoon, when the sun is in full view. Keep the vibe cozy in those dawn moments, so that no matter how early you rise, your morning room will offer you the quiet warmth you need to mentally prepare for the routine ahead.
  • Clear the space. Less is more! What affects your line of sight affects your mind (a cluttered space = cluttered thoughts!), so keep the floor as tidy as you can.
  • Bring in plants. Skip spending dough on the latest and trendiest air purifier; instead, rely on the natural cleansing power of plants! You can even pick some fresh flowers from your yard or plant some seeds of houseplants in a planter. Place your greens in a corner or on a tabletop for a healthy, pretty, and cost-effective morning greeting!

Now here’s our recommendation for your morning room ideas:


Solid Wood Tufted Parsons Dining Chair

Simple yet elegant and accented with button tufting, it’s a set of 2 dining chairs that would suit your classy morning room. The seats and backs are perfectly puffed and finished with velvety soft upholstery. Besides beige & tan as seen in this picture, they also have other selections of colors, such as blue, charcoal, gray, yellow, and purple.


Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa


This futuristic, convertible sofa has a sleek silhouette with high-density foam, a tufted seat and back, and modern chrome legs. Moreover, the back is convertible to fold down for casual occasions when needed and turn it into a twin-bed; and its board guard will hold the unfolded back right and firm. There are various colors you can opt for: beige, black, dark gray, charcoal, java, green, red, and navy blue.


Hermosa 3 Piece Chat Set

You can either purchase it as a 3-piece set or only for the single side table. They’re all made of water and rust-resistant hand-woven materials, so they would survive over time even though you put them outside, like a patio or porch.


Flexpedic Armchair


This armchair is designed to be timeless and modern, a perfect match to any decor theme. It would also make a great addition to your morning room. With its ultra-chic linen and high-density resilience foam for its cushions and back, this single sofa is surely comfortable and soft to sit on. The space-saving dimension of this sofa would be easier to fit even in your small space. The colors available you can opt for are gray linen and faux leather.


JBBCN Modern Round Glass Coffee Table



This one comes with a 2-tier tempered glass holder, making the boards generous and spacious for your storage. The modern look design doesn’t only make it stylish but also makes you feel fully relaxed to start your morning routine. Moreover, this table has two elegant colors on its frame and legs that you can choose to suit your aesthetic: black and gold paints!


Elephance Round Coffee Table


This vintage round coffee table makes it a modest yet elegant morning room addition for placing magazines, snacks, beverages, or a decorative centerpiece. Don’t prefer the rustic wood design? Then opt for the white marble one!


High Gloss Rectangular Table with Storage Drawer


If you love a  modern and shiny look, this glass table is for you. It also has an additional storage drawer that’s absolutely generous. The black rectangular tabletop is very atmospheric and suitable for any style your morning room comes with. Another color of this glossy dude is white with the same exact material and design.


NewRidge Home Goods Martini Table

For a smaller choice to hold your tiny single glass, we got this martini table for you. Not only for a martini, though; you can use it to hold your cup of morning coffee as well. Add a little fancy touch to your morning room with this shiny little one.


Set of 3 End Nesting Tables


Fits in your space, fits on your budget. That’s what you will get with this 3-in-1 nesting table package! To style it, you can separate or stack them together. They may look small, but they’re sturdy. This table set comes in several different color combination designs: gray marble-gold, white-gold, beige-gold, and black marble-gold.


SUPERIOR Rockwood Modern Geometric Area Rug

The classic silhouette of the geometric pattern is sure to blend with any style and decor. This highly durable rug is ideal even for a morning room with high mobility.


Fluffy Area Rug

Add a bit of plush texture to your morning room with this fury fluffy rug. It’s completed with extra soft fluff layers and anti-slip bottom. The sponge in the middle would give comfort to your step.


Rose Flower Mat Rug

If you prefer a simple mat as your rug, this rosy one can do. Made of coral fleece, this mat is super soft, absorbent, and non-slip. Its pretty look is also decorative for your morning room. Besides green, it comes in pink color, too.


Medallion Area Rug


This rug features a sleek look, suitable especially for your vintage or rustic-styled room. Just simply lay it on your floor and it will beautify your morning room.


Abstract Wall Art Landscape

Calling all abstract art lovers, or even those who just getting started. This design is printed on premium canvas, professionally hand-made, and ready to hang. Because morning view doesn’t always have to be all nature – a beautiful piece still can do.


Epicler Hand-Painted White Flower Art

This 3D oil painting masterpiece would absolutely look beautiful on your morning room wall. Imagine waking up to this view! It’s made of imported fine acrylic, which can keep colorful permanently without fading and cracking – making it a timeless beauty.


Artificial Eucalyptus Greenery Hanging Wall Decor

To freshen up your morning room with plants without requiring extra maintenance, you can get this artificial hanging eucalyptus. It’s also perfect if you’re bored with the house plants in vases.


Viverie Desk Faux Succulents

These cute fake plants require no watering or sunlight and fit perfectly on any desk, window, or shelf in your morning room. The pinky colors make it aesthetic to display. Plus, it comes in a set, so you would get 4 pots at once.


Costa Farms Money Tree Pachira

The Money Tree is an easy-care houseplant that is said to bring prosperity and good luck to its owners. Such a good addition to your space, no? It’s suitable for you who want a real house plant with low maintenance. Put it near your sunny window for the best luck, as well as the best look.


Roots Organic Lavender

One of the easiest houseplant flowers indoors is lavender. Besides, it’s humbly beautiful, too. This mason jar grow kit allows you to grow your own lavender all year round.


Hydroponics Smart Herb Garden

The Indoor herb garden unit is designed for soil-free planting. Made of a natural bamboo frame, it’s for sure non-toxic and eco-friendly. Definitely easy and safe to maintain!


Costa Farms Cat Palm

Add a tropical touch to your morning room. It comes in a trendy and natural seagrass basket, making it decorative as well. You would only need to water it every week.


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