21 Modern Space-Saving Furniture Ideas

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Save up more of your space at home with this compilation of modern space-saving furniture.

[To purchase or see more info about each product, click on the heading name. It’ll lead you directly to the online store pages, thank me later!]


Wall-mounted Ironing Board


Storing a conventional ironing board usually use so much space. At the moment you don’t  use it, you can’t just save them in the closet or cabinet. Well, if only you can, it would still make the room stuff and cluttered. Therefore, this wall mounted board was created for your ironing solution. When you don’t use it, just fold it back to where it’s attached – the wall!


Thin Corner Cabinet for Bathroom

amazon_thin cabinet     

For tiny space in your bathroom, this thin cabinet would fit even when put in the corner. You can store so much stuff in it, and it also provide you toilet paper holder.


Rolling Slim Laundry Basket

amazon_slim laudry basket

Slim and thin seem to be bare necessities for less space saving. Not only does this slim laundry basket save up more space, but it’s also moveable with the rolling wheels it below. It would still fit in the slightiest corner.


Twin Over Futon

With this convertible 2-in-1 couch and bed, you wouldn’t need to put two beds beside each other in a room. Make it unobviously bunk bed, as the lower bed can be folded into a couch. Multifunctional, isn’t it?


Z-shaped Computer Desk


With monitor shelf and bottom storage, this computer desk will take less space in your room. It would fits the corner, or beside your bed where the space is usually small. The shelf and the desk are set apart, which makes it seem larger and spacious. Maximize your storage spaces with some style – I mean, look at its modern and hi-tech design!


Underbed Drawer


It’s actually such a multipurpose storage. Beside storing your stuff underbed, when you pull it out you can make it as a floor desk and do stuff with it. That way you can make a good use of the space under your bed while as well getting a nightstand.

Moreover, this white underbed storage would go well with your black-themed bedroom.


Bed Headboard with Storage


Now take advantage of the extra storage this bed headboard can give you. Save more space by putting stuff behind your bed. Beisdes, the storage design makes everything hidden in it.


Corner Wardrobe

It might be huge, but it would surely fit in every corner space. Two frame depths leaves more space in front of the solution, and different interior organizers let you store all types of items. Time to maximize the use of your corner with this one unit of space-saving furniture!


Draw Liner Box


Creating draw lines inside your drawer will make you easier to store more different stuff. Plus, they would be more organized and neat with it. If you don’t feel like putting them in the drawer, you can still put them accordingly inside your cupboard, though.


Wall-mounted Table

Mount it to the wall, and fold it whenever not needed. When folded, it will turn into a small shelf and you’ll be able to put some things on it.


Shoe Cabinet+

Store your shoes neatly in this two-compartments cabinet while also taking use of the small drawer and shelf on top of it. Simple, classical, and most importantly sticks to the wall; making it an ultimate space-saving 3-in-1 unit.


Storaged Coffee Table

wayfair_coffee table

Tabletop to place your cups of tea, vases, and decors; and the shelf below as storage for your things, like maybe books, photo albums, remote controls, and many more. Classic design with generous wooden colors, yet spacious and optimizing for such a space-saving furniture.


Wall-mounted Electric Towel Warmer

Another wall-mounted furniture to save up more of your space. This one is even more hi-tech as it doesn’t only carry your towel for you, but also warm it up. An electric bar space that is ideal for your towel storing; just mount and plug it in. The future is now.


Fabric Hanging Shoe Holder


What about hanging your shoes floating on the wall for extra floor space? Well, with this 10-pockets fabric holder you can now store your shoes floating without spending more budget on cabinet. You can also hang it inside your wardrobe. And moreover, it definitely would fit other stuff too, like jewelry, ties, belts, scarfs, purses – you name it.


Wall-mounted Bureau

If you’re down for an aunthentic handmade, you should get this folding desk with extra shelf. You’d only need to fold it up to get your etra space back. Moreover, it’s wall-mounted so it won’t take more of your floor space.


Murphy Desk

When it comes to space-saving. we won’t get enough wall-mounted furniture. This murphy desk looks pretty adorable, too. And you know the drill with the folding, don’t you? There you go.

For more ideas on office furniture, we got you covered here.


Stainless Floating Book Holders


I personally love this one and its magical effect. When you put the books on it, the holder will look floating for real. You can just mount it here and there all over your walls for more playful vibes!


Bunk Bed with Extra Space

amazone_bunk bed

Another bunk bed with two features. But his time, the underbed is an empty free space you can put anything you want to. It’s pretty spacious for big furniture units, such as console desk, chairs, TV, and so on.


Side Rack Organizer


Even the side part of your furnishings can provide more spaces with this space-saving hanging rack organizer. Wherever you need it to be, whether on the fridge or the storage shelf, it’s all good to go.


Set-for-4 Dining Table

It’s simple as it seems; only needs pull and push. Organizing and cleaning would be easier and practical as well with this 3-pcs dining table.


Bookshelf for Kids

amazone_kids bookshelf

Last but not least, we got this adorable bookshelf for the kids. They can learn to organize their stuff, such as books, dolls, toys, etc, with it. Besides stacking shelf, there are two boxes for even more storage for their things. Space-saving furniture make the room less clutter, doesn’t it?


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