Best Decor Ideas for Your Coffee Table

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Cr: Emily Hendersen
Cr: Emily Hendersen

A coffee table is such an essential part of your living room. Just like the sofa, the cabinet, the console, the curtain – it also needs some fresh decor ideas. You surely don’t want to have it dull in the middle of the room, do you? Show it some appreciation! Your table has been carrying any of your needs for you. Now pay attention and keep on reading, here we summarize the best decor ideas and tips to style your coffee table.


Balance the clutter

The first tip is from Brian Patrick Flynn. Contrastingly, displaying only large items can look heavy and cumbersome. To keep your coffee table balanced, vary the scale of display items and stack or group like objects together.


Stick the decor to the room theme

Cr: Emily Henderson

You can match the decors to your room design & style. Stick to the palette and the other decors that you have in the room. Take a look at the design by Emily Henderson here: White accent chairs, a blue-and-white striped throw blanket, white pillow, and white light fixtures complement the fresh and airy walls. The style on the coffee table stays true to the theme with minimalistic white décor and fresh, lush leaves.


Or contrast the color instead


If you’re a fan of color, use your table décor to contrast other bright hues in the living room. Here, minimalistic green coffee table books and earthy-colored décor stand out against a plush pink velvet sofa. Styled alongside a traditional blue rug and the natural wood trim around the room, the coffee table complements both the room’s vibrant colors and its neutral shades.

We also got some tips on contrasting colors in a room here that you can learn more about.


Table alternative: decorated sculptural cylinders

Cr: HouseBeautiful

Instead of a big coffee table, use heavy, sculptural cylinders, which can be easily moved around. Then, add colorful accents like flowers and books to stand out pop against the white base.


Make a grid as functional decor


When working with an oversized coffee table, knowing where to begin can be half the battle. Our tip: tape off sections to form a grid and position objects within the squares. This helps compartmentalize your styling and makes the entire task less intimidating.


Personality is the best decor

You can put up your favorite items on it that would sparks joy for you, for example, books. That way it would be also easier for you to grab your favorite book to read along sipping your coffee. Whatever you put on it, the stuff would reflect your personality. As stated by interior designer Jessica Gersten, “I like to place a few personal objects or art pieces on the table, and of course, a vase to always have fresh flowers—whichever is the family favorite.”


Mini table & its simple decor idea

Another tip from  Emily Henderson. If you’re working with a teeny tiny table, like a pouf, limit yourself to one, maybe two items. All you need is a mini vase of flowers and you’re set.


Seasonal swaps-out


As a living room focal point, your coffee table is a great place to rotate seasonal decorative elements. For example, nothing says spring like a vase of fresh tulips. In summer, place a sea conch on a stack of books for beachy vibes, then come fall, swap out the shell for a pumpkin or gourd.


Provide extra seatings

Cr: HouseBeautiful

Another coffee table win by Dan Mazzarini: This table serves as storage for floor cushions which provide extra seating!


Vary the heights of the decors

Cr: HGTVDesigner Charles Faudree says that when all items are at the same eye level, nothing gets noticed. To create a more eye-catching vignette, vary the height and scale of your coffee table’s decorative objects.


Incorporate Stylish Storage


“Storage is one of those things people rarely talk about when it comes to pretty interiors, and I always wonder—where do people put all their stuff?” says Cho. “Especially when you have kids, storage becomes something that requires maintenance every single day. It’s made such a difference for me in my own home to have functional storage for the kids’ toys in our living room (since toys always end up there one way or another). The solution? These chic and practical coffee tables, which double as storage bins!”


Go green, too!

You can also bring some green plants to your coffee table. Want an indoor plant on your table but can’t keep one alive to save your life? Succulents are the answer to bring a little fresh energy to your table.


Double table, double decor


If you’re feeling bored with a simple coffee table design, consider adding an extra table at a slightly shorter level. Not only does it add more living room storage space, but the second table creates a level of dimension by playing on height. These rounded tables work perfectly together—and if they weren’t built to be styled as a pair, we’d never know it.


Play with the decor shapes and materials

Cr: Cathie Hong Interior

This one is the tip from  H. Camille Smith. A fun way to bring dimension to your coffee table is to focus on the shapes: Choose different pieces of décor that each brings their own element to the design. Here, a geometric glass table with brass metallic accents is styled above a polka-dotted rug. Atop the table sits décor of different shapes, from two stacks of rectangular books to the round bowl, curvy vase, and angular wood planter.

Furthermore, interior designer Kate Taylor also suggests mixing the materials of the decor on the table.


Stack it up

Cr: Katherine Carter

Looking for a simple but timeless coffee table design trick that works in virtually every room? Try stacking. It’s always helpful to start with books or magazines, but just about any decorative item in your home can be a good candidate for the coffee table when styled properly. Pay attention to shape, height, texture, and dimension when pulling the design together: Here, stacks of books add texture to the table while rounded décor and modern accessories bring a sense of dimension to the space.



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