Best Spooky Seller Halloween Decors 2021

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It’s October 5th, and you haven’t got your Halloween home decor yet?! Okay, get in here now. We got lots of tricks and treats right here for you, exclusively. Come in! No one bites 🙂


Red Eyed Hairy Spider 

Scary, hairy, and a must-have addition to your Halloween home decor ideas this year. Hang up this itsy bitsy spooky spider and watch him terrify trick-or-treaters and creep out the guests! Plus, its glowing red eyes will definitely make them skip a heartbeat!


Hand Meat Market Value Pack

Stop by the meat market to get the freshest packaged meat around. This gruesome and terrifying Halloween dec comes in styrofoam and a plastic-wrapped plate with nutrition facts on the label. Giving your trick-or-treaters a trick has never been easier with this meaty hand.


Halloween Hanging Skull

It’s a hanging skull that looks authentic, with glowing red LED eyes, creepy sounds, realistic bloodstains, and crawling spiders. This Halloween quick and easy home decor will definitely give anyone who passes a jumpscare or two. When you turn on the switch, the hanging skull will be activated by any voice like walking, talking, yelling, or crying. Then, the skull’s eyes will suddenly become bright red and make creepy cries to scare away the people’s souls.

The voice sensor can be hidden in the cloth it comes with (3 AA batteries are required, not included) without affecting the overall aesthetics. Just hang or lay it literally anywhere you like!


Feathered Crows Yard Art Set

Pop these Halloween home decs of 2-set crows into your party centerpieces; place them on jack-o’-lanterns, or just perch them on your chandelier. They would add classic and gothic mystery to your décor. Incredibly versatile and overlaid with genuine feathers, these creepy crows look like the real thing as they add a spooky touch to your frighty October nights.


Pose n’ Stay Skeleton

No haunted house is complete without the life-size pose-n-stay Mr. Skeleton. This easy Halloween decoration features realistic molded bones that would rock your haunted house. The detailed bones include a full rib cage, spine, arms, legs, and skull with a movable jaw. The limbs are poseable with knees that lock into place to hold a position. Moreover, it also can stand against a wall.


Halloween 3D Bats Decoration

Up next in our creative Halloween decorating ideas. It’s a set of 60 scary bats in 4 different sizes: 10pcs 12.6×3.5in, 10pcs 9.4×2.4in, 30pcs 7×1.6in and 10pcs 6.3×3.2in. The bat set comes with adhesive strips, making it such an easy DIY Halloween decor. So you just place adhesive on the back of the bats, where the wings meet in the middle, and affix them to a variety of smooth and dry surfaces. DIY them into different wing angles and arrange them as you like.

Plus, it’s also waterproof and removable; you just need to get new adhesive squares to place on the back of bats again. And don’t worry, it won’t peel your wall as it’s made of high-quality materials!


Artificial Velvet Pumpkins

Can’t get any pumpkin this year? Then velvet pumpkins to the rescue! The velvet fabrics making them soft to touch and exquisite in appearance, making them surely ideal for autumn as well as such cute Halloween decorations. No maintenance is required, though; will look great and plushy all the time!


Halloween Lighted Willow Bonsai 

This dark-vibed willow apparently also comes back stronger than the 90s trend. Besides the Halloween interior home decor, the glowing artificial bonsai will also suit any seasonal decor themes at your home. It’s quick, easy, and pretty!


Halloween Wine Bottle Covers

An easy and elegant way to dress up your holiday bottle! Package Including 3pcs wine bottle covers in three different colors. Three styles that would give you three different festive feelings! Made of high-quality fabrics, the material is for sure stiffer than any similar products on any Halloween decor store.


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ghost Halloween Candle

Light up your Halloween display with this hauntingly fun ”Happy Halloween” candle! Scented with pumpkin spice, this wax candle comes in a ceramic holder that features hair-raising cute Mickey and Minnie ghost designs. So if you’re looking for Disney Halloween home decor that will surely suit all ages,  just pick up this spooky scented candle!


Front Porch Halloween Welcome Signs

This Halloween outdoor home decor is such an easy piece to dress up on your front porch. Get visitors into the Halloween spirit! Decorated with cute designs of ghost, spider, bat, skull, witch, and candies, it will add a cute spooky accent to your outdoor home décor. Moreover, it’s weather-resistant, washable, and easy to store for future uses.


Rustic Happy Halloween Tray Set

This bundle set of Halloween decs includes 3 wooden Halloween signs and a cute gnome plush. They will look cool and adorable in a tiered tray; but, of course, you can still put them on elsewhere like home table shelf showcase and lazy susan. All wooden pieces have the rustic look from being sanded!


Halloween Metal Sign

It’s obviously helpful for you to keep anyone from trespassing your door. Aren’t you tired of hiding the bodies? Exactly, just get this sign then.


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