6 Cheaper Ideas for Your Floor Decor

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Cr: Ashley HomeStore
Cr: Ashley HomeStore

Yes, your floor needs some makeover and decor too! Especially if you find your floor is dull over time, this is the sign for you to think about a new look for it – or, if you simply are looking for some cool design ideas for your brand new floor, of course. Now keep on reading, ’cause we got some ideas for your floor decor right here.


1. Cover it entirely

Cr: Squaresigns

If the tiles have lost the initial look, you can try to cover them up entirely. For a room or area with the highest mobility like a kitchen, try stickers with any patterns or colors you like as the decorative cover. Glossy stickers can also be the alternative for your bathroom as it constantly gets splashed around.

Cr: Squaresigns

You can also split a picture into the number of tiles you want to cover in motifs. The designs won’t last as long as new tiles but they are drastically cheaper and easier to apply.

You absolutely can try this on the other rooms like the living room and bedroom as well, or simply use rugs and carpets – the classic.


2. Decorative rugs

Cr: Ashley HomeStore

Not only do they beautify the floor, but also do they warm your feet. This one is a common item choice for the basement, living room, bedroom, and entryways. As they come in various shapes and sizes, you have to choose wisely yours so they are perfect to compliment your room. Here are some tips on choosing your rugs by Improvenet :

  • A big rug can be treated as art. Use your flooring as a “frame” for your large area rug.
  • Use painter’s tape on the floor to trace out the size and style of the area rug you are looking for before buying.
  • Don’t use a pattern that clashes with your current decor.


3. Put a few natural items

Cr: Rose & Grey

Houseplants are the latest hits in town. You can put them here and there on the floor. Another option you can try is beautiful baskets filled with flowers, wheat spikes,  or (this one works mostly for your kitchen floor decor) fruits, vegetables, and/or groceries goods. If you happen to know other artificial plants that you prefer more, go for it – try anything you like!


4. Floor lamps – the classic decor


Floor lamps usually have a double purpose, that is decorating and illuminating. They work great in room corners to add some reflective light off the walls. That way you also prevent anyone from trips of the lamp cords, as people don’t walk around the corner area so much.


5. Add some quotes

Cr: Eight Design

For a bolder and more unique move, you can put some of your favorite quotes on the floor. Make sure they are your favorite so they can hype, motivate, or energize you, or even your guest, throughout the day. For this kind of floor decor, you can use paints to write them directly on the floor; cut-out letters and stick them one by one; or large one-piece stickers.


6. Decorative floor seatings

Cr: UpWest

Coach is a common and important item in your room. But, you can still opt for other decor complementaries like cute cozy floor seatings, like floor puffs, bean bags, or large pillows that are enough for sitting. They can be found in a range of patterns and colors that are sure to fit your style and/or room design.


More ideas for your floor decor:

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You’re all set! Shoot your shot and be creative with your floor decor choice. Rugs and carpets might be the timeless classic, but another creative trial won’t hurt, right?



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