Cluttercore Trend: More Sparks of Joy

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Pretty sure you ever heard of the minimalism for interior design and room decor. But ever heard of the opposite of it? Introducing to you: cluttercore, the maximalist home style. As its name, the point of this decor approach is clutter, clutter everywhere. It’s no longer “less is more”, but “more is more”. More to spark more joy, if I may say.

However, it doesn’t equal a messy and crowded-by-stuff room. As stated by BBC, cluttercore is not filling your room with tat but loving what you already own. You just artfully display and arrange what you have and love to reflect your personality and memories into your room. It’s quirky and experimental but is surely aesthetic and heartwarming. Basically, this is how cluttercore goes like:


I think cluttercore is suitable for your next room arrangement if you have too much stuff that is dear to you. So, you don’t need to try too hard or even be forceful to fit in the minimalist home, when you can just them into your new style. Yes, maximal is the new style in town. This is the latest tend on TikTok and Instagram with the hashtag of #cluttercore. Check out and see for the inspos and ideas.

Moreover, it sparks joy, too! In this pandemic, when you gotta stay more at your home, being comfortable in your dungeon is essential. This idea of cluttercore, according to Jennifer Howard who wrote Clutter: An Untidy History, as stated for BBC, the rise of cluttercore may be connected to the pandemic. “We want to feel safe, we want to feel comfortable, we want to feel protected and taken care of – stuff can act like a literal cocoon,” said Howard.

Now if you’re all set to dig deeper and try this new trend, here are some tips of what you can do according to Lifestyle Asia:

  • Surround yourself with small objects that bring you comfort. Little trinkets brought back from distant trips, cuddly toys that make you smile, candles, small plants, and of course books.
  • Take the opportunity to bring out your treasures from storage or the attic. Anything and everything is welcome, even grandma’s trinkets.
  • To put a bit of order into this disorganized decor approach, you can try to focus on a single colour, or a single ‘ambience.’ Otherwise, the cacophony could drown out and overwhelm the comforting effect.

I also will put some cluttercore home ideas for you to adopt:

For bohemian spaces with indoor nature:



For aesthetic, cozy bedrooms:

How about cluttercore workspace or studio?

Cluttercore for the living room? Say no more:


Next, let’s head to the kitchen and dining room:

Anywhere is possible with cluttercore

Try it all you want in any corner of your home. Remember that you don’t always need to add or buy new stuff to make cluttercore as you can just rely on all loved belongings you already own at home. Maybe you’ll want to add a couple or two of cheap complementary decor, like lamps, posters, or wallpapers. And lastly, enjoy your cluttered space to the fullest!


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