Farmhouse Interior Must-Have Essentials

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Cr: Countryside Home Decor
Cr: Countryside Home Decor

Farmhouse interior design is in again. In this fast-paced world, one or two the down-earthy element is soothing to our mind and soul. One of the most popular choices is making your new home or room a farmhouse style with its natural rustic and industrial earthy theme. However, don’t get it wrong about the concept: the farmhouse style of today still allow you to have those modern furnishings. Just a tint of rustic and neutral shades here and there, then you’re all good.

If you’re new to this, we got you. Here are the essentials you should get to create your very own farmhouse spaces.


Neutral wall paints

You can start the farmhouse style by painting your walls neutral colors. Mostly, they are shades of white, gray, beige/cream, and/or light brown. A side note is to avoid dark colors like black and dark brown as they could make your room too dull, as well as the bright colors so you wouldn’t lose the earthy tones. However, you could still use them for complementary, for example, on your furnishings and utilities.

Then, if you’re planning to design your whole house, try to paint each room with different neutral shades or colors. For a room or two, you can paint them either in a similar color or layer the different colors as well. We have the contrasting colors technique and accent walls tips you can try as the paint mix & match guidances.


The textures & materials

Raw woods, exposed brickwork, and leathers are the common textures in this interior style. Just don’t overdo it, as we wouldn’t want an overly traditional country look. Remember, we still aim for the contemporary feeling in our farmhouse.

Be experimental by applying various textures to your furnishings and decorations.


Farmhouse Shiplap

Shiplap is the classic must-have in a farmhouse room. You can install them on the walls, windowpane, door frame, or even on the cabinets and ceilings. The wood can be natural or stained, but most commonly shiplap is painted white or other contemporary colors (especially gray).


Common Basic Decor in Farmhouse Interior

Cr: Belle Escape

Usually, the essential decors that a farmhouse has are these three kinds: shiplap, metal, and wooden items. They also come in various sizes, shapes, and functions, matching the modern lifestyle.


The next sections are our essential recommendations for your farmhouse-inspired rooms.


Essential Ideas for Living Room

Now, we’re reviewing the decor and texture you can add to your living room to achieve the farmhouse looks.

Cr: Belle Escape

A rustic accent table, also the console, would be nicely paired with your comfortable sofa in the living room. They are simple yet tinted enough to make the farmhouse style.


Cr: Cowgirl Magazine
Cr: ms. smartie pants

If you have braver style, you can opt for the floor seating by Cowgirl Magazine with cow and leather print. For more of a low-key option, choose the second one by Ms. Smartie Pants with the earthy tones they radiate.


Cr: Countryside Home Decor

This one decor of industrial metal is a highly must-have at least one item at your room. You could use it to organize your stuff and casually put them on the desk. It’s functional and absolutely looking good for display.


Essential Ideas for Kitchen

At the kitchen, you can play even more to create the farmhouse vibes.

Cr: Liz Marie

Besides the wooden box, the wooden untensils are hardly to be missed. The, there are also white organizers that compliment the wood textures around them.


Cr: Home Decor Ideas

Another wooden box idea at the sink. You can basically use the box to organize the handsoap, dishwashing soap, etc. See, it just needs a little tint of rustic wooden around the moder equipments to make it modern farmhouse.



As we can see, there are the rattan basket and the wooden trays as the essentials of a farmhouse interior. But look again, the shades of teal there are also the the part of it. Rustic and teal are complimenting each other with their contrasts – here’s how you can learn how to contrast between colors to make them a beautiful combiantion.


Essential Ideas for Bedroom

Moving on to the next interior inspos for bedroom. Maybe you even already own some items there to achieve your farmhouse look!

Cr: The Cottage Market

The shiplap wall just shows, doesn’t it? Then the wooden floor, the lamp, the round tray, and the nightstand. The white-hued bed also vibes with them. This bedroom looks really cozy, and that’s the point of farmhouse style.


Cr: Kirkland’s

Up next we have this white cabinet that rhymes beautifully with the white shiplap wall. Followed by the rattan pot-basket, the rattan carpet, the wooden floor, and the rest of the furnishings in white tone and beige tones. Such a nice farmhouse corner to have in your bedroom!

rustic lamps
Cr: Belle Escape

If you want to give a little touch of industrial into your bedroom, you should try this one for your lighting. Those lamp candles would serve the look, though.


Essential Ideas for Bathroom

Last but not least, let’s visit the bathroom.

Cr: Rod & Plane

I guess the wooden ladder says it all. It’s also such a conventional idea to have plants in your bathroom, making it refreshing and bring out a little nature. Not to mention the brick-like walls, they somehow complete the whole atmosphere.


Cr: Little Vintage Nest



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