Furniture 101: Tips & Ideas for Your Best Buying

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Choosing the right furniture for your home can be tricky and exhausting. It’s either a game-changer or a flopped bop. So, here’s an ultimate guide for buying the furnishing units that suit you the best.


Set Your Furniture Budget

This is one of the most important – if not the most – points to notice. If you have a settled budget, it would be easier and more organized for you to decide the rest: what to buy, where to get, how much for the theme or design that you want to do, and so on. You wouldn’t spend more over the budget as you have made your price list and focus on it.

To help your budgeting, after finding out your design or theme you can do a little observation about the furniture. Whether you go directly to the store or browse online, make sure you get the ideas of what you want to get and observe the price tag accordingly.

Moreover, even if you opt for making or building your own furnishings, analyzing and dealing with the budget you need will also definitely help you to stay in line.


Find Your Theme

Cr: 1stDibs

Usually, the furniture completes the whole look of your room or house interior. For example, the Scandinavian style would go well with minimalist earthy-colored decor and furnishings. Or what complement colors and/or materials that match well with your bedroom.

However, you can also style the furniture separately from the room look by setting its own theme. Some theme ideas for you are such as rustic, industrial/metallic, rattans, country, modern/hi-tech, monochrome, colorful, etc.


Pick the Best Furniture Fabric

Units like couches, chairs, rugs, throw pillows, futons, and beds more likely come with fabrics. Therefore, any furnishing you choose that consists of the fabric have to be high quality and comfortable. Make sure it can endure and last longer. Furthermore, you have to learn about the qualities of each fabric that would meet your criteria. For instance, cotton, linen, rayon, polyester, nylon, and many more. It’s most important to learn about it when you decide to DIY your own furnishings that will contain some fabrics.


Sizes Matter

Decide whether you want it to fit the room to the fullest or to save more space to take a breather. Most importantly, know your room capacity first. You surely don’t want your furniture to end up look awkward and make your spaces unpleasant or even uncomfortable. The right sizes will succeed your intentions and even pull out some great layouts and patterns to your room.

You may want to differ each room’s needs. Or, try to vary the sizes between each unit in a room.


Fit the Furniture to the Lifestyle

Now, this one is often overlooked. Your furnishings should be able to suit your lifestyle and necessity. If you have young children or toddlers around, no-white or easy-cleaning fabrics and no-glass tables for the living room will be more efficient. For working spaces that are rather a private zone, like a library, reading room, and office, it’s safe for you to have a more aesthetic and high-end look. Then, the furniture for the dining room of a big family should be friendly and comfortable for all ages as it will set the good vibes while eating and chatting with each other. This tip will also help you decide whether you need a bunk bed or a queen/king bed for your children who share a room together.

Your taste on cluttercore or less cluttered also will determine the furniture you should afford. If you’re more into minimalistic, wider space, we have some recommendations for space-saving¬†furniture right here.


Quality Materials

Another essential that you can never miss. Is it strong enough? Is it long-lasting? Will this material be safe for grandma’s back? What kind of chair supports my posture sitting in front of my computer for hours? Are the seat, backrest, and armrest adjustable? Can this bedding endure for at least three years or so?

You need to ask and check those kinds of questions considering the materials of your furniture. Especially, if you’re planning to design and build your own homemade units. We know that aesthetics are important as the units are also in charge of making the rooms look good. However, sometimes not all of them are comfortable, and vice versa. Thus, if possible opt for the looks that also serve the materials.


Make Your Priority Furniture

The bigger units have to be your bare necessities and top of the list. Couches or sofas, coffee table, TV portal, and shelvings for the living room. Bed and wardrobe or closet for the bedroom. Dining table for the dining room, and cabinets for the kitchen. Bookshelves, desks, and reading chairs for the working spaces (library, office, reading room, etc). Those are some examples you need to consider as priorities in purchasing furniture. When they’re all set, the rests and the finishing signature pieces can follow. Be creative and try to mix and match them to reach your aesthetic goal. Good-looking furnishings will leave you nothing but good feels!


Ask for Samples

Online shopping 101: You should ask to get the samples sent to you. Sometimes some colors and textures that you see on the online store can be different from the physical ones. Therefore, you can always consult with your specialist or the store itself about it. Some services can drop the sample by your house. That way you can see if it suits your taste and room the best.


Find Out About the Stores

On certain occasions, you might not be able to observe directly to the physique stores. Thanks to today’s tech, we can still browse them online. But, it sometimes can be tricky too. Before deciding to purchase anything online, you have to find out more about the stores. Maybe you can check the reviews and ratings, and learn about what products they have in terms of materials, designs, and so forth. That way you can eliminate the failed purchasing probability.

By knowing more stores, you also will have more recommendations and backups in case you can’t find the ones that you need. Most online shops sort out the units according to their categories, like for the dining room, the kitchen, etc. It’s easier to find what you look for by clicking on each sorted cell. And speaking of the devil, you may want to check our IKEA-inspired home office furnishings here.


Vibe to Your Favorite

Last but not least, just choose anything that you like. In the first place, to the end of the day, you’re the one who enjoys the vibes, the functions, and the company of your furniture in your own place. So, on top of everything, you must consider what you favor the most. Especially if you prefer seasonal furnishings, there’s always room to experience and experiment.


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