Gothic Home Decor Inspos: A Compilation

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Whether it’s the spooky season again, or just your daily regular taste, gothic room decor is always a theme worth trying. Let’s jump into our list of the emo goth badbois here below:


Coffin Makeup Shelf And Coffin Brush Holder

Add bone-chilling beauty to your goth home decor with this spine-tingling coffin shelf and makeup brush holder set. Styled after the popular coffin box design, they hold your gothic makeup and beauty tools while enhancing your spooky room decor. It has saw-tooth hangers attached for hanging on a wall. Also included with the makeup coffin shelf are 2 wall anchors, 2 screws, and a small level.


Preserved Roses in Glass Dome

Roses are not always red, they could also be black. The selected roses will be handmade into preserved flowers after being specially treated. Thus, the flowers need no daily care and last for 2-3 years. Protected in a glass dome, it would make such a modern gothic home décor.


Ravens on Skulls Gothic Bookends

Keep your treasured classic stories and novels in great shape with these clever Murder & Mystery bookends. With the ravens on skulls, these bookends are not only functional but also give a strong gothic vibe décor. A beautiful and unique gift for that special book worm, Poe enthusiast, goth, or librarian in your life!


Irregular Wall Mirror

An artistic display on its own, this mirror is a beautiful part of any home decorating scheme especially the gothic theme. The modern frame adorns an inset beveled mirror that gives the illusion of even more light and depth. The sleek modern look of its design gives this mirror a gorgeous contemporary, minimalist feel while still maintaining the dark gothic vibes with its black mat frame.


Goth Crescent Moon Shelf

This stunning little shelf is ideal for displaying your precious crystals, gems, stones, and any more of your victorian gothic home decor. It’s painted in black paint with a rich matte finish making it ideal for a decorative goth or witchcraft-themed room.


Corkscrew Wine Bottle Opener

Trick or treat yourself to a glass of wine or two, for this bat is here as your trusty corkscrew. A corkscrew opener made with functional design and high-quality silicone and metal, Vino is built to pop open your bottles, whether beer or wine.  Easy-open as one two three, pour up your fizzy drinks and toast with glee.


Goth “Wash Your Hands” Wall Plague

Hang this funny yet perky sign at your bathroom, kitchen, sink, or any other space walls. It’s suitable for your gothic and even Halloween wall décor. Comes with two holes pre-drilled and a set of two screws for mounting hardware, it’s definitely easy to install.


Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This is no ordinary spices shaker set as there’s a raven chilling on the skull there. Really gothic décor, isn’t it? Be playful and add an amusing bit of fright to your dinner table with this creepy skull and raven. It’s not only functional but is decorative as well.


Sun and Moon Tapestries Set

This set of 2 tapestries is made from high-quality environmental polyester material which is soft, durable, non-wrinkle, and is lightweight. Printed in HD tech, they feature vivid colors and crisp lines. The elegant tassels and delicate hemming looks of these two would rock your gothic home décor even more.


Astrology Decorative Throw Pillow Covers

Made of durable and environmentally friendly linen materials, these tarot-like pillowcases are definitely soft and comfy for an addition to your goth space. Throw these stylish B&W pieces to complete your gothic décor perfectly.


5-Candle Metal Candelabra Candlestick

This beautiful candelabra is splendid to be in your sitting room, dining room, mantel, entryway cabinet, and many more you’d like. It would add perfection to your victorian and goth décor.


Moon Phases Mirror Set

This moon-shaped mirror set is made of quality acrylic, lightweight, and not easy to break. It’s protected with strong kraft paper, so before you put it on just gently remove it first. Inspired by the constant changes of the moon phases, this mirror set hopefully can give great spiritual energy to your space. Besides, isn’t it also perfect for your goth victorian room design?


Grimalkin Goth Feline

Cute but spooky, this adorable little black cat on a skull is absolutely perfect for your gothic space. Grimalkin would help you enhance your decoration in any spooky themes and seasons!


Mini Table Lamp with Forest Shade

This mini table lamp is all about the atmosphere! It casts shadows on the wall with the image of trees. Make your gothic house décor even spookier!


Gothic Post Bed Canopy


The extra-fine mesh fabric of this canopy serves as a natural repellent, provides proper air circulation, and keeps annoying bugs out. It could add a romantic, elegant, mysterious, and gothic feel to your resting space; and thus it would also pull off a perfect room décor item. Have a peaceful night and a relaxing sleep with this sheer yet darkish bed canopy!


Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug

Spooky can also be a bit fluffy. Add a touch of comfort and softness to your gothic room with this faux fur rug. Moreover, it will also make your steps get softer and block the chilly weather!


Black Cat Hanging Ornament


Another cute feline stuff. Well isn’t it such an icon of gothic décor? This ornament is simple yet stylish to be a complement to your room. Moreover, it’s made from a glass sheet that allows the shadow of the shape and texture of the glass to shine on other surfaces. That way, you can get colorful sunlight on the windows or walls with this stained glass ornament.


Black Half Circle Moon Dream Catchers

Nightmare passes through the holes and out of the window; the good dreams are trapped in the web, slide down the feathers to the sleeping person.

Dream catchers will always make a good piece for room decorations. This solid black moon dream catcher is a DIY gothic home décor that you’re looking for. It will surely create an elegant and quiet atmosphere at your bedroom.


Funny Retro Tin Sign

Last but not least, we bring you the comedy. It’s clear enough already there, isn’t it? 11/10 would suit your goth bathroom.


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