Gray Bedroom for Cozy and Good Sleep

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Cr: Aspect Wall Art
Cr: Aspect Wall Art

Gray is one of the cool colors; sometimes, it could be neutral, too. But if it comes to the cooler side, it’s really suitable for the bedroom. Cool colors usually bring you comfort, calmness, and relaxation; therefore, gray bedroom is worth trying this time. You can check more about cool colors in interior design here. Now, let me give you the inspos of the gray bedroom and what goes along with it.


Decide your shade of gray

Gray, although considered cool-neutral, has varied hues which can make your whole interior warm or cool feels. It all depends on the undertones that can shift the temperature in the room. After finding the undertone you’d like to have, time to choose the accent or complementary colors for your gray. They also will decide the hue temperature in your bedroom.

Cr: Remodelaholic

Lighter grays usually provide you an airy and dreamy space. You can create a monochrome-ish style by mixing lighter gray as the main hue with different shades of gray or even darker.

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Meanwhile, darker grays are elegant and offer you extra restfulness as it’s so much cooler. For a dramatic look and feel, you can even opt for an all dark gray room, from the wall, the bed, to the rest of your furnishings.


Accent colors and undertones that go with gray

When choosing gray for your bedroom, you can always choose to make it your main palette, supporting colors, or even the finishing touch only. The ultimate colors that can’t go wrong with grays are mostly red, gold, black, white, cream, and silver. There’s also navy blue for pale blue-shaded grays and silvery blues for the deeper grays. Then, for a more vibrant personality, there are vibrant turquoise, citron yellow, bright orange, and hot pink. While mid-tone grays would be a perfect match with black furniture finishes, deep purple bedding, and khaki and chrome accessories.

Cr: roomdsign

Even more, here is another quick guide from Decorated Life. Grays with a lavender undertone that appears softer and more feminine, gray painted walls with blue or green greys act slightly more neutral, while gray with a brown or red undertone will look warmer.

Accent Color Undertone in Gray Paint
yellow royal purple/blue
orange blue
red emerald green/blue
magenta bright (Kelly green)
purple chartreuse yellow/green
royal purple/blue yellow
blue orange
emerald green/blue red
bright or Kelly green magenta
chartreuse yellow/green purple

You can combine the complementary colors to the furnishings you got in your room. Another tip is to pay attention to the sheen. Glossier finishes make grays appear stark and cold; flat or matte finishes cause grays to appear lush and warm.


Lighting setting for gray interior

The right lighting would keep the gray bedroom from being too gloomy and dull. To trick the natural light, you can put sheer white curtains or loosely woven linen panels on your window. Other elements such as mirrors, crystal chandeliers, silver frames, glossy white furniture, clear-glass accessories, and polished-steel tables will also boost the light reflector.

Furthermore, plush fabrics like chenille, velvet, and corduroy can complement both deep and light grays just right. Counter a gray’s cooling properties by incorporating quilted duvets, woven blinds, colorful area rugs, distressed finishes, and throw pillows done up in vivaciously colored and patterned fabrics.


The arts of layering

Cr: Furniture and Choice

It’s the basic key to pull out a gray bedroom in the simplest and easiest way: think of the layers. You can layer your gray by the hues, the accents, or even both. These different shades will make your bedroom even more interesting, deeper, and cozier. Another thing that you can play with is the texture, by opting for pile-on soft throws and duvets, fuzzy pillows, or faux fur rugs. Cozy fuzzy dreamy, for sure!


Add silver for glamorous hues

Cr: Aspect Wall Art

From the bed, the rug, to the other elements, you can add some tints of silver to the gray. The more glamorous you want your room to be, the bigger element you have to make it silver. FYI: chandelier and mirror with silvery colors would even make it fancier.


Wall colors that go well with grey bedroom furniture

Here is another quick guide by Furniture and Choice if you opt for gray furniture.

  • Light blue

    Both being cool colors, light blue and grey make a bedroom comforting and inviting.

  • Turquoise blue

    A turquoise feature wall in a bedroom with grey furniture brings personality to the room.

  • White

    A classic neutral combo that oozes chic – a white and grey palette is a sophisticated base to create a cozy bedroom.

  • Pastel tints

    Cotton candy walls – baby pink, lilac, neo mint, or peach – perfectly complement soft grey tones for a calming and restful space.

  • Yellow

    Yellow walls add a bright, uplifting feel to the room, while grey furniture adds depth and tempers those sunny hues to create coziness.


Bonus Tips: How to choose your gray by Decorated Life Team

1. Flat paint looks best on gray painted walls.

Beautiful grays often look like industrial factory metal if you use semi or high gloss paint, on the other hand, flat gray paint looks better and helps to hide flaws and smudges.

2. Gray painted walls – Cream trim.

If pure white is too stark against your gray paint colors add yellow, brown, cream or red to your white trim to add warmth and color balance.

3. Invest in sample pots of your colors and paint test squares.

Move these around the room during different times of the day when your natural light is at its best or weakest. Making note of how these colors change with light is vital to choosing the best gray paint color for you. Place testers near your trim to see how they look – you might decide to paint that too. Number your samples so you don’t confuse your pots and paints.

4. Let your painted walls sit for at least a day.

This way your paint selections can dry properly and be absorbed so you can see how they look at various times of the day.

5. Remove paint colors you don’t absolutely love.

Some will be obvious, others may take a day or two of living with before you make your final decision to either keep or remove them. If it’s still difficult to decide paint larger areas to see the true colors clearly.

6. Work out your color scheme and vision for your bedroom. Then decide on a shade.

Only then will know which gray paint colors suit your accent colors the best considering your room and lighting sources. You may want a bright yellow to go with your gray. But if the undertone of your new gray makes your yellow turn a slimy green it might be time to move on.


So, ready to explore your shades of gray? Have a blast, and have a nighty night with your gray new bedroom!



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