Home Decor Inspos out of the Herb Garden

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Cr: Apartment Therapy
Cr: Apartment Therapy

Have you ever thought about edible herbal decor for your home? Maybe it should be your next idea: an herb garden. Not only is this simple tiny garden chic and beautiful for your empty spaces as decor, but it’s also edible and useful whenever you need a sprinkle of herb or two for your ingredients. It could be another option for indoor houseplant ideas, as you can easily put them on a small space on your kitchen countertop, or even hang them around the corner you’d like them to be. Or, dedicate an outdoor little space from the balcony, outer wall, to the backyard for the mini herb garden. Well, how do you like it sounds? We’ve got some ideas, tips, and DIY inspos for you to start the herb garden here.


Hang the herbs on vertical space

Cr: Outlook Live

Maximize your outer house walls or any other unused vertical spaces by hanging them plants there. They will pop some healthy greenie colors out of your outdoor area. Maybe add some more colorful flowers, too, if you like.


DIY some unused utensils into pots

Cr: Grillo Designs

In this picture is a DIY pot created by Grillo Design from an unused baking pan. Fill it with soil and plant the herbs, then hang it on your indoor wall. Remember to water it just right, so you won’t spill water over your wall.


Choose a ground area in your yards

Cr: Ask a Prepper

It’s the tips from Beautiful Eats and Things if you choose to plant the herb garden in your yard. If you are planting the herbs in the ground, prepare the area for planting by loosening the soil. If you are using a planter box or a container, make sure that it has good drainage or holes on the bottom. Also, be sure to choose good-quality, fast-draining soil.


Plant the herbs in vintage galvanized tubs

If you have some unused tubs or happen to see them at the flea market, you should use some for your planting medium. Just look at this photo, don’t they make the herb garden just cooler?

Cr: On Sutton Place

If herbs aren’t necessarily your thing, though, you could plant one or two vegetables or flowers in each tub.


Plant the herb garden in a hanging wooden box

Check out this idea for another indoor herb garden:

You could even possibly build your own wooden box, without needing to purchase it anywhere.


Make a ladder herb garden

Cr: Garden Therapy

If you want to make something different than an outdoor hanging garden, try this ladder-like project inspired by Ginger Snap Projects. It’s also easier to move wherever you want to, all at once.


Create herb planters from mason jars

Cr: Camille Styles

It’s just decorative and suitable to be your wall decor. It’s an inspo from Not Just a Housewife whose tutorial you can check there. These mason jars planters are pretty easy, time-efficient, and inexpensive to make. After all, aren’t mason jars can be spotted everywhere? Now, take good advantage of them into an adorable indoor wall herb garden.

Here is another idea by Domestically Speaking:

Use a backdoor to hang the herbal pots

Cr: Brooklyn Limestone

Inspired by Brooklyn Limestone, with a few hacks, you may want to try to put your herb garden pots right behind your backdoor! Or, if you’d like it more you can paint the door with chalkboard paint, then write the herbs’ names one by one. Aesthetic!


Use wall storage for practical indoor herb garden

Cr: The Garden Glove

Well, this one is kinda revolutionary. The Garden Glove suggests turning the wall storage or containers in your kitchen into an indoor garden herb. I mean, it makes your herbs are one stretched reach away. You can find the containers anywhere, like at Ikea. This is another same idea from Favething:


Plant your herbs in a wagon

Cr: Mallie Ayucar-Luziriaga

This one inspo from Precious Sister is just unique, stylish, and quick.  Herb wagon..what do you think? Your outdoor living area would look stunning with this wagon of herbs. Plus, you can still do planting on the ground without even needing to bend your knees.


Take advantage of a strawberry pot


Just look, isn’t it cute? If you would like to try this kind of mini herb garden, check out the full DIY from BHG here.


Stack the herb planter pots

Cr: Gardening Site

And make it a layered herb garden! Fancy Frugal Life gives this DIY stacked outdoor herb garden, you may check the instructions there. It’s indeed frugal, also great for small gardens that need a space-saving solution.


Have any unused vintage teacups?

Try to turn them into your herb garden instead of leaving them so long in the cupboard covered in dust.

Cr: Intimate Weddings

We’re sure they will make a cute colorful garden. Easy peasy and eco-friendly, too! For the step-by-step, check out at Intimate Weddings page here.


Don’t throw your glass bottles away!

Instead, fill them with soil and plant some herbs.

Check how 11 Eureka take the unused glass bottles to the next level here. If you don’t have any strawberry pots, you may opt for empty coke bottles for your planting mediums. For extra beauty, hang them in the air, and voila: there comes your new easy-peasy and eco-friendly decor.


Make herb planters out of tea tins

Cr: Apartment Therapy

With those unused tea tins, you can create your tiny little indoor herb garden. Then, put them framing your kitchen windows or sink. Cuteness overload!


With herb gardening, you would grow beautiful tiny nature around your house, and healthy, natural home decors at the same time. What a wholesome package! Make sure to water them regularly according to their instructions, of course. Happy planting, enjoy the greenie!



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