IKEA Inspos for Home Office Furnishings

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It’s a sign for you to upgrade your home office. Now let’s work with the furniture first off. You surely need comfortable and practical units to maximize your productivity, especially in this endless work-from-home season. And if you’re too occupied to go out to shop, let’s just online shopping. Here we got you IKEA furnishing ideas for your home office.



First and foremost to have at the home office is the desk. You use it to work and also to put the computer and any working supplies on. Take a look at our recommendation here:

BEKANT Corner Desk

It comes in two editions to suit your need: right-side and left-side corner. Their surface is generously wide enough, and there’s a placement to tuck in the cords neat underneath. The legs are adjustable, so you can mount them at whatever height you need.

ELLOVEN Monitor Stand

If you need an add-on monitor support for your computer desk, this stand with drawers is worth a try. By adjusting the weight of the monitor in the right and comfortable placing can relieve your back strain. That way you can be more productive working.



This one is completed with two drawers for your extra storage. MICKE also comes in black color if you want a dark shade. Combine it with other desks or organizer units to maximize supporting your work. Plus, you can hide the messy cords in the placement hole it has there.

BJÖRKÅSEN Laptop Stand


A laptop stand is what you need when you want to bring your work to the couch, or the other convenient places for you. Sometimes we can’t just work at the office desk all the time, no? You can adjust the height, tilt the top, and place it anywhere around the house. Other colors such as charcoal and beige are available for your preference.


Desk Chair

Of course, home office desks always come with their chairs. We got it compiled here for you.

LÅNGFJÄLL Office Chair


It has a curved line to support your back well. The armrests, also tilt and height-adjustable system to make it even more convenient. This office chair has five color selections: pink, light green, blue, and beige.

DAGOTTO Footrest


Now we also have a semi add-on for your chair. This footrest helps you sit in a good working position at your desk and chair, and reduces strain on your legs, back, and neck.

ALEFJÄLL Office Chair


This office chair is made of grain leather which brings real comfort and softness to the seat. Also, both the seat and back are tilt- and height-adjustable to give you maximum support. If you don’t really like it beige, worry not as it’s available in black and golden brown as well.

ÖRFJÄLL Swivel Chair


Don’t thrive for armrest chair? Then this swivel chair would be great for you. It’s simple, minimalist, and comfortable for sure. Moreover, the castors have a brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up.


Drawer Units

You’ll need it to file your document accordingly and neatly. Check out our best ideas for the drawer units.

GALANT Drawer Unit

Store your papers and office supplies safely in this drawer with a combination lock. You can easily wheel the storage unit on casters under a table to save space. Anywhere is okay to place it as it can fit in almost every space. Besides stained black, there are also solid white and stained white veneer colors that you can opt for.

BEKANT Storage Unit


Not only you can store your office supplies, but you can also manage any cords in it easily as it has a convenient hole at the bottom. It’s also easy to roll in and out with its rollers. BEKANT is available in black, too.

ROTHULT Smart Lock


Sure there’s an add-on for the drawer unit as well. However, this one is unconventional and hi-tech as it’s keyless and battery-powered. You only need to tap the access card from the outside and the censor from the inside would open the lock, just like that. But what if you lose the card someday? Don’t worry, it also comes with a master key you can save somewhere secure.

SUMMERA Hanging File


Create some order and tidiness for all those papers and documents with these smart drop files. It’s also completed with two whole adjusters. Now tidy up your drawer!


Cabinet and Storage Units

If you need bigger storage than just a drawer, then come and see through this compilation of cabinets and storage.

GALANT Storage Combination


You can choose to store your stuff in the open or closed shelving and drawer with GALANT. That way you can declutter your home office but still managed to see your stuff in a sight. Another color that you can choose is black.

IDÅSEN High Cabinet


This tall cabinet has four drawers with doors in total to fill in. As it’s made of steel, you can stick any magnetic note all over its surface. It also comes in calming blue color.

BILLY Bookcase

Looking for open storage? Try opting for this bookcase. Of course, you can store any other stuff besides the books. This one would fit in your corner, so you would get more space at your home office to fit with the other stuff.

EKET Storage Combination

If you need a mini version of the bookcase, you can choose this one instead. You’ll only need a little bend-over to reach it if you’re worried about tip-toeing for the taller storage.


Wall Organizers

For easy-grab stuff, you should consider having wall organizers. You can even use it to put any decor at your home office. Let’s see what we got here.



With its fancy golden color, it would be perfect to store your books, small houseplants, and the other decors. Just mount it onto your wall and you’re all set. If you don’t prefer shiny gold color, they also have the white version for you.



This is a 2-in-1 set of wall shelving. So, BERGSHULT is the shelf that you can cut according to your need. Then, there are GRANHULT brackets that come along as the hooks to create the wall shelf in any dimension you want.

SKÅDIS Pegboard Combination


A lighter alternative for the wall shelving is this pegboard combination. As it comes with a combination, the pegboard is completed with glass holders, brackets, etc; to attach your stuff there easily.

However, if you don’t prefer to purchase, we still got another alternative of DIY homemade furnishings here.


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