IKEA Inspo Series: Budget Home Decor Pt. 2

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Decorating your house with a budget is now a dream comes true. We’re going to add more to your list of IKEA’s budget home decor inspos; this time, it’s especially about house plants & flowers and vases & bowls. You can check the previous part here about the budget wall decor, mirrors, and decorative accessories, which are all IKEA recommendations as well.


Plants & Flowers: home decor of greenies and blooms

Need some freshness for your home decor? Plants and flowers are definitely what you need. They also come with two kinds that you can opt for: the planted plants and the artificial ones. Check out our IKEA list of home plants and flowers with affordable prices below.


These cuties are potted already with their best-suited soil, so you won’t need to move or repot them into any new pots. Moreover, they are indoor plants that you can put anywhere inside your house; you just need to put them in some light areas out of direct sunlight. You can get the 10″ HIMALAYAMIX greenies for only $3.99!

SUCCULENT Potted Plant


The succulents are an absolutely easy choice for house plants. Especially, if you’re not too familiar with plants and just begin to have them in your house. They can survive longer without water than the other plants; however, you can’t let them being underwatered, though. Just water them sparingly and they’re all good. You can purchase them for $3.99 only.

KALANCHOE Potted Plant


Tiny but mighty to beautify your home decor. Flaming Katy is usually slow-growing, but it would surely light up your home vibrant when it blooms. The key is to water it right: if it’s too much, the root will rot and the leaves will turn too soft; while if it’s lacking water, the plant will wilt. Patience is what makes it bloom gracefully! With only $4.99, you can get the Kalanchoe exclusively at IKEA.



Specially designed by IKEA Sweden! If you’re a fan of dried plants, this can be a perfect choice to put on your table or corner. Its brown color gives a humble and earthy vibe to your room. They also have another same dried plant with vibrant midnight blue color that you can check here. Get this one humble guy for only $2.99.

EFTERSINNA Dried Bouquete


Artificial dried flower in a bulk. This set of dried flowers come in two colors: orange and blue. You can leave them to stand without a vase as they’re firm enough, and they will stay bloom over the years. However, avoid putting them directly under heat sources. Eftersinna is available for only $9.99.

SMYCKA Eucalyptus Pink


Another artificial flower in the style of eucalyptus with pinky flowers. You can adjust the stem by cutting it into whatever length you’d like to have. To clean, just wipe it with a dry cloth. It would only cost you $1.99 to add some pretty and calming color to your decor!

SMYCKA Baby’s Breath

Two impressions to describe it: adorable and pure! Baby’s breath won’t fail to add pretty to your room with its simplicity and clarity. And the good news is you won’t need to worry about it getting wilt – it will stay blooming as it’s artificial. Even better news, you can get it for only $2.99!

FEJKA Wall Mounted Plant


If you prefer an artificial plant panel with more leaves, we got you here. You’ll only need to mount them onto your wall, wherever you like – indoor or outdoor. To make it long and tall like the first photo, buy it in bulk and stack them up. It only costs $4.99 for one square.


Vases & Bowls

Vases and bowls maybe are not even on your budget list, as they’re mostly huge, spacious, and cost more. But can’t we really get the less pricey yet pretty ones? Let’s see what they got here at IKEA, and maybe you’ll consider to put it up on your list.



Isn’t it just perfect for your flowers? The clear glass would make it fresh too, as anyone can see through the water and the green stems. Or, you can even just put it without any featured plants on your table and still make your room beautiful. It’s quite average with a size of 6 ¾ “, and hella affordable for only $0.99!

And guess what? It also has the cuter and rounder half-size version with the same exact price, see this one below!


Check this one here for more specifications and reviews. Then get them both to make a perfect combo!



This cube-like vase is suitable for your flowers and sprays. It’s also quite handy with only 6 ¾ ” of a size. If you’re bored of the usual vase shape, you can opt for this cube one for only $4.99.

SOCKERÄRT Pitcher Vase


Not sure if you want a vase or a pitcher? Pick this one, then – it can be both! You can even switch its role according to your need or mood. This month as a vase, next month as a pitcher. LOL! Whatever you want it to be, it’s available for only $9.99 at our one and only IKEA.

HULTET Bamboo Dish


It’s hands down the most authentic one so far for me. The gracefully crafted bamboo dish looks just so smooth and soothing. As described on the site, this dish is “Handmade by a skilled craftsperson”. And the most exciting part is that you can afford it for only $5.99! For cleaning, just wipe it clean using a cloth as it’s not waterproof.

ARBETE Decorative Bowl


Besides decorative purposes, Arbete is also functional for storage on your table. You can put decorative accessories, store some stuff, or even put some fruits in it. Get it now IKEA just for $7.99.



The last but not least selection for today’s selections is this patterned dish Ertappad. Its special patterns are created by the layers of glaze in it. You can choose between two colors it has – blue and turquoise-brown, or even get both. $9.99 only!


That’s a wrap! Have you decided on your selection yet? Don’t forget to check our other half of IKEA budget decor recommendation here, in case you miss the link 😉 Stay on your budget, have a blast shopping!


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