Best & Ingenious Kitchen Storage Inspos!

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Cr: Devon Jarvis
Cr: Devon Jarvis

Tired or drained of your cluttered and full kitchen? Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your way of kitchen organizing and storage. Though, it doesn’t mean you should throw away your kitchen clutters or utensils to get more space. You just need to look for other ideas to store and organize them all. And let me help you tho get through! Here are the inspos of the best kitchen storage and organizing ideas in town.


Under-the-shelf mini racks

Install some racks under your open cabinet or shelf, as seen in the picture. Simple and easy peasy. You can hang your kitchen utensils or even the dishcloths. You can find the racks easily on Amazon or any other shop – even the thrift shop for cheaper effort!

Suggested: YAMAZAKI Home Tosca Under Shelf Storage Rack at Amazon, $31.99


Smart under-the-sink storage

Another under-the-spot storage. Have you ever thought of it, though? This spot under your sink is so underrated to be the storage option. You may want to put your cleaning supplies here, and for more hold and stable just screw the storage to the cabinet. Here is the idea for you:

Cr: Taste of Home

You may purchase it here (two-tier sliding organizer, $90)


Hook ’em on the hooks

Cr: Marisa Vitale

Like they’re hooking to their dear life! Lol. They can turn your apron collection or all your cutting boards into a focal point! And free up more space in your kitchen.


Floating utensils

Cr: Amazon

This is similar to the under-shelf racks, but I think it’s cuter. And it’s suitable if you just want to hang the utensils like they’re floating. Just mount the float kitchen organizer under your cabinets.

Buy: Umbra Float Kitchen Organizer at Amazon, $14.99


Open storage

Post Image

This is a solution for you who got no pantry at home. Just take advantage of your open space. Put your most-used ingredients on a pretty dessert stand or lazy Susan and show them off! By doing this you can also save more time looking for the spice you need, like just reach for it into the corner and done.


Spices drawers

Cr: Taste of Home

Another idea to store your spices and ingredients in the drawers. Store them into the containers first, then lay them flat orderly in the drawers. You may want to purchase the tiered spice organizer ($9) here to keep the containers neat in there, so you won’t mess with the other seasonings when you reach for one spice that you’re needing.


Adjustable shelf riser

Cr: Amazon

Guess this is an item that you didn’t know you’re looking for. Adjust and put it in your cabinet or countertop for extra twice as much storage. You may try this  YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Kitchen Shelf at Amazon ($17.99).


Pegboard for more hangs

Cr: Devon Jarvis

Instead of hanging a couple of more limiting shelves, try a pegboard, which adds very flexible storage space that can be adjusted over time as your needs change. Here is an inspo for you to use pegboard:


Magnetic knife holder

Cr: Taste of Home

You may want to get rid of your old-fashioned big bulky knife blocks. Not only do they take up valuable counter space, but they can also collect some pretty icky bacteria and it’s a piece of pretty bad news for us. Therefore, you should move on to a magnetic knife holder. I suggest you this stunning walnut knife strip ($60). The knives would be hanged safely and securely, so worry not. Moreover, they’re healthier and more stylish up there, aren’t they?


Slide-out pantry

Cr: Amazon

Now, look at that tiny yet spacious space between your kitchen counter and fridge. Don’t you want to take advantage of it? This Narrow Home Organizer Rack is slim enough to squeeze in the narrowest of spaces, yet still offers five tiers of storage space. Purchase it only for $42.56 at Amazon.


Drawers in the cabinets

Cr: Ellie A. Lilstrom

Shelves are great, but they can be tricky when put in the cabinets or pantry although it sounds like a good idea to get more space. It can be really hard to see what’s buried deep in the back. But worry not, you may consider to use their brother: drawers. If you can’t renovate, simply add baskets to these shelves so that you can pull them out to access what’s in the back. Here is the idea:


Baskets decor

Cr: Taste of Home

If plastic bins are boring and overrated for you, try baskets. They are decorative at the same time as they would look unique, chic, and adorable on your walls. You can put some fruits, cookbooks, and many more you would want to try in the baskets. These rattan baskets ($30) have flat backs, that are ideal for hanging on the back of a door or wall.


Magnetic fridge organizer

Cr: Amazon

Ever thought of having some storage out of your fridge door? You should definitely try this magical magnetic organizer that you can hang on the fridge door, and there go your two shelves of storage space and a paper towel holder. Ingenious, if I may say. You can get the Magnetic Fridge Organizer at Amazon for only $42.99.


Windows with a view of storage

Cr: Julia Brenner

You might never dream of blocking any of that precious natural light, but this Chicago apartment may get you thinking differently. Hanging your collection of pots and pans in front of the kitchen window won’t ever block your sunlight. Instead, it’s definitely practical and decorative, too!


Cutting board in your door

Cr: Taste of Home

Who would’ve thought that the cabinet door can be perfect for slender item storage? Well, now you know. This extra thin cutting board set ($20) comes with a storage unit that sticks right onto your door, only at Amazon.


Magnetic spice jars

Cr: Amazon

Another magnetic magic and spices storage. These magnetic spice jars are perfect to stick on any of your flat surface, like the fridge door. You can get them Magnetic Hexagon Spice Jars, 15 Pack, at Amazon only for $39.99.


Magazine holder groups

Cr: Taste of Home

Now we’re talking about hacks. If you got any unused files or magazine holders at your home, try to turn them into group holders for your cleaning supplies or other bits and bobs around the kitchen. If you’d like to purchase the new holders, get a pack of 12 here ($19). These holders are pretty much suitable for tall items like plastic wrap, parchment paper, and aluminum foil.


Hanging bins in the fridge

Cr: Taste of Home

This pull-out storage bin ($15) can turn the chaotic, disorganized fridges more spacious and tidier on a spiritual level.  Simply just snap them onto the shelf and you’re all set.



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