Lifwewit Storage Bag: The Latest Storage Game-Tier

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Storage can be such a challenging game in your bedroom. To keep the room neat and tidy, yet to make the room for storage as spacious as possible. Also, don’t forget the aesthetic as a plus point. Tell you what: we can do all three in one with the almighty storage bag.


Introducing: Lifewit Storage Bag Organizer

This is an absolute solution for your spacious storage while still managing to prevent any clutter in your personal room. Each storage bag measures 23.6 x 16.9 x 13.7 in / 60 x 43 x 35 cm, with capacity 90L. It’s definitely spacious for your comforters, blankets, pillows, plush toys, jackets, and any fabrics – or literally anything that would fit!

The storage bag organizer is made from high-quality, odorless, three-ply composite non-woven fabric which promotes ventilation and protects your stored things. Moreover, it also has sturdy and long-lasting #5 stainless steel zippers. The two-way zippers allow it to easily slide along the closure when in use, regardless of how full the bag is.

The bag set can be used for the closet or cloakroom, also a good choice for university dormitory, attic, or bedroom use. They are just fabric bags, with no metal support inside, which is super easy to fold away into a drawer or cabinet to save space.


More Specs Highlights

Just to be clearer, here are the highlighted features of the storage bags set:

Spacious Capacity- Each set of 3 has a capacity of 90L, which is big enough to even store 1 king-size comforter, or 6 blankets, or even 35 pieces of clothes perfectly proper.

Premium Material – It’s made from high-quality, odorless, three-ply composite non-woven fabric which gives extra air ventilation and protection for your stuff. Plus, the handle is sewn with double triple layers of non-woven fabric, and the load-bearing capacity is doubled. And then it also include reinforced seams to make it stronger and more durable.

Fit to All – Not only can you store it in the corner of your room or under the bed; but also can you store it into your closet to sort your stuff nice and neat.


No need to think more

Just get the 3-set storage bag organizer now only at Click the link here to guide you to the site for further purchasing info. Save 20% if you check out today!


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