Marvelous Harry Potter Home Decor Ideas

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The charm of Harry Potter never fades over time. As a fan, you should also pour your love for them wizards by putting some home decor inspired by their theme. Check out our recommendation here below:


Hagrid’s Hut Lit Building

Hagrid’s Hut is the first on our list of Harry Potter home decor ideas list. It is comprised of 2 round sections with witch hat peaks, is a charming dwelling located at the edge of the Forbidden forest. The kindly Hagrid makes his home a welcome spot for Harry and his friends to stop by, perhaps for afternoon tea. Made from resin and stone powder, it’s surely durable over time.


Neon Lightning Sign

If you like a lowkey type of Harry Potter decor, opt for this neon sign. Isn’t the lightning design exactly like Harry’s scar? The neon lights signs use LED at low voltage and energy-saving, proving just the right light output for room decor. Moreover, it is hazard-free with no risk of glass breakage or material leak.


Hogwarts Hallmark

Make yourself feel like entering Hogwarts every day with this Potter-themed hallmark decor piece. Completed with a white ribbon, just hang it anywhere you like – even on your mantle. Now you don’t need to go far; just bring Hogwarts to your home!


Organic Wooden Spoons

You can as well decorate your kitchen with Harry Potter decor serries with this utensil set of 6 wooden spoons. Cook like a wizard! Whether it’s cooking or serving, this functionally versatile kitchen utensils set makes a reliable bamboo utensil set for every task. These wizardry spatulas and spoons for nonstick cookware are crafted of nonstick bamboo for lasting use. With odor- and stain-resistant properties, they also won’t scratch your pots or pans and won’t retain blemishes from cooking certain meals, so you can cook fresh every new meal.


Chibi Potter Drapes

Complete your Harry Potter bedding set with these cute curtains. They are made of super-soft polyester microfiber, making it lasts long, does not fade in sunlight, and is easy to clean and wash. The bold and fun colors are good for playtime, naptime, and bedtime.


Stacked Books End Table

Enjoy the look of worn leather spined books with faux gold gilding when you place this clever table at your bedside as a bedroom nightstand. The unique and antique look of the book stacks gives such a Harry Potter home decor vibe. I mean, books that magically can firmly hold stuff together as a smart mini table?


Exclusive Light-Up Goblet Cup

Now with this one Potter decor piece of Goblet cup, make yourself a champion of Hogwarts. Award your fanclub self with it and have fun being a wizard of your own!


Wizard Plaque

Wizards welcome, muggles tolerated! Give your home a unique and playful touch, welcome everyone with humor, and show off your style; all at once with this Harry Potter decoration. Hang it on the entrance hall, bedroom door, or an entrance to your personal office, gaming room, studio, personal library. Not only as a standalone piece, on a door, or on the wall, it also goes well with other decoration pieces.


King’s Cross Station Secret Passage

Guess what? It’s a shower curtain this time. Yes, you can even make the iconic secret passage to the magic school into your bathroom! You don’t need to worry if it gets faded as it’s waterproof, washable, and printed with advanced digital printing tech. Now shower like a wizard!


Metal Hogwarts Bookends

Up next to our Harry Potter decor series are these bookends that are designed based on the one and only legendary wizard school. Let these decorative metal bookends set add a touch of magic to your book collection! Perfect for framing your Harry Potter book collection – or any other books – and includes a felt bottom to protect your furniture from scratches.


Harry Potter Stemless Wine Glasses

Enjoy your favorite liquor and show your love for Harry Potter with this set of stemless wine glasses! This set of 4 elegant and classic glasses feature gold designs and symbols from the wizard’s world. Designs include Platform 9 3/4, the Deathly Hallows, the Marauder’s Map, and Harry’s Glasses and Scar.


Ceramic Spice Jars with Hogwarts Houses

Another kitchen set that’s also decorative for the space. Never be unprepared for Potions class again with this set of 4 Harry Potter Ceramic Storage Jars! Each of them jars features a cork-lined stopper lid to preserve all your ingredients, spices, herbs, and so forth – anything you want to store in them. You can see that each jar represents a symbol from the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw.


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