12 Chic & Rustic Metal Wall Decor Ideas

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Cr: SunburstDecorArt
Cr: SunburstDecorArt

For this year, you should try to look for unusual wall art decor. The metal decor is currently in. It’s suitable for every style and design of your house; whether it’s traditional, rustic, industrial, or modern. The metal decor has many types that you can choose from, such as bronze, gold, silver, tin, copper, brass, iron, or even a mix of them. Whatever they choose, they definitely would pull out the practical and aesthetic to your home.

Moreover, you don’t always need to purchase a new item or two to create the metal decor. Some of it can be a DIY repurpose of your utilities!

Now, let’s check out more about the ideas for metal decor below.


Ex-cheese grater organizer

Cr: Homeroad

That means repurposing your unused metal cheese grater into an organizer for the wallflower. Instead of throwing it away, putting some flowers in it and hanging it on the wall would be more practical. And eco-friendly, too! Besides, you can also use it to store your other kitchen utensils or even put it in the bathroom to store your toothbrush. Whatever repurpose that works best for you.


Metal Leaf with Berries

Cr: Red Barrel Studio

The bronze leaves look chic yet simple, make them perfect for your minimalistic house style. You may want to put it on your entry table or bar wall for the classy vibes – also the color kinda matches the whiskey anyway. You can purchase it (Wayfair’s Red Barrel Studio Metal Leaf with Berries Wall Décor) here.


Metal faucet wall planter

Cr: Etsy

Isn’t it just unique? Another repurposed DIY, this time with the old, unused faucet and pot. You should stick or mounted them into a piece of wooden board so it will be easier to hang onto the wall. For the flowers, you can opt for the real or the fake ones, either is as you wish. If you prefer to buy it, it’s available here at Etsy.


Metal Birds Door Crawler

Cr: Wind & Weather

No birdies pets, no worries. You can get the metal, more aesthetic, ageless version of the birdies here. It would fit perfectly at the frame of your door or window. I mean, they’re super cute, aren’t they? The Metal Birds Door Crawler Wall Décor is available at Wayfair right here, with only $19.95 for cuteness overload!


Metal storage cubbies on the wall

Cr: Vincent and Barn

This one reminds me of my dad’s old rustic metal cube drawers We didn’t think they can be this practically repurposed and just threw them away! If you happened to own them too, stop seeing them as garbage – like we did, smh. Instead, turn them into some metal storage cubbies; then you can either hang them mounted to your wall or put them standing on a desk or a shelf. These cubbies, besides pulling out the metal decor, would also make a cool and stylish industrial storage system. Put some flowers, store your books or any other of your collections there to display.


Lunar Phase Wall Hanging

Gorgeous and magical, if I may say. This hanging by AnAmericanMetalsmith is certainly out of the earth, capturing the complete moon phase in one frame. Each moon is also shaped wisely to make it more realistic. It’s available here at Etsy for purchase in a small and larger size that you can choose to fit your space the best!


DIY Round shelf with mesh

Cr: https://revived-furniture-and-home-decor.myshopify.com/products/mesh-backed-hanging-drum-shelf

If you’re more into DIY, try this one. Make a round storage shelf out of a metal piece, then add some mesh at the back to add more aesthetic to it. Besides getting new decor, you’ll also get new extra storage on your wall. Decorate the shelvings with flowers, or some mini figurines. Another alternative if you don’t really like the shelves, you can try the mesh only and cut it to the shapes you like – round, square, etc. Then, hang them on the wall along with some decorative hanging items to make it prettier.


Sunburst Mirror

Cr: SunburstDecorArt

Not only does it give you golden bursts of the sun, but also does it give you another functional feature – the mirror. Such an elegant touch of a glamorous handcrafted sunburst mirror to your lovely home. As described, the overall diameter of this mirror is 30 sm. Then, the center mirror is approximately 10 inches in diameter, and surrounded by wooden rods, with over 100 mini mirrors and diamond gems perfectly placed throughout.

You can purchase it here at Etsy.


Handmade metal wall word art

Cr: Wayfair

This type of metal decor can be DIY or purchase. To make it your DIY project, you might need some help from your local metal smith to shape and make it; the design, though, is up to how you want it to be. If you prefer to purchase, it’s also NBD since they could be everywhere to find at the store. We still put a recommendation for you here at Etsy, or this one from Wayfair.


Windswept Tree wall decor

Cr: Regal Art & Gift

As getting swept by the wind, this tree-shaped metal decor is perfect to bring the golden breeze to your house. The Windswept Tree of Life by Regal Art & Gift is an all-metal decor piece with a hand-painted trunk and gold accented leaves and branches. With special nanometer paint and a powder-coated finish to prevent the tree from being faded and rusted, it’s a perfect timeless tree of life for your metal collection.

Windswept Tree of Life is available here at Wayfair.


Distressed metal gear

Cr: Taylor Ray Decor

With its distressed gear backed with an old wooden board, this one edition of DIY repurposed absolutely gives off a chic rustic style. It’s also quite easy to pull out, as you would only need a pair of unused distressed gears. Just add a wooden board, hang them on the wall, and you’re all set.


Multi-colored Electic Butterflies

Cr: Wayfair – August Grove

Last but not least, a touch of nature-inspired for your indoor or outdoor wall. This iron butterflies wall decor has 5 colorful butterflies –  bright red, green, blue, yellow, and purple, along with scrolling branches and tiny leaves. In the outdoor, it would exactly suit any of your garden concepts. Meanwhile, when put indoors, it will work as tropical wall fixtures, beautiful as well.

You can get the only Multi-Colored Metal Eclectic Wall Décor here at Wayfair.


Plenty, isn’t it? And various, too! Now you’ve seen the ideas and inspos, go get your own metal wall decor 😀



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