2021 Party Trends and Ideas

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micro party
Cr: Catch My Party

The last time we talked about parties, the idea was to better have an outdoor gathering during the pandemic. But apparently, there are more ways you can do to hold a party safely in this pandemic situation. Check out these smart party trends, themes, and ideas for you and your circle to try this year.

[Disclaimer: I’m still suggesting you have a small number of people and a short duration for your party, or even getting tested and/or vaccinated before gathering]


Domes for food protection

Let’s start the party trend with catering. Safety and sanitary are what we look up to the most nowadays, and it’s including the meal prep. To make the meals extra safe, cover them foodies with these see-through, bell-shaped coverings. They would even make the catering look more elegant and appealing! The glass domes allow for a safe solution to event catering without reminding guests why they’re a necessary addition. Here are some ideas for you:

Cr: Le Basque


dessert in domes
Cr: Realistic Wedding


Micro events

micro event
Cr: Ashlie Smith

This is what we’ve been talking about. The best option, for now, might be the micro-events, where you gather 50 beloved invitees only or even less than that. This party idea was used the most for weddings when the happy couple wants to take advantage of the situation to have a super intimate and lowkey wedding with their family and beloved friends. Besides weddings, you can also try this concept for other parties like birthdays, bachelorettes, festivals, baby showers, graduation – you name it. Moreover, with micro-events, it’s definitely safer and more helpful for you to make sure of the social distancing and the safety protocol adherence.

The Party Boxes

Cr: André Maier

This whole pandemic can bring your parties into pretty small boxes! This is another party idea for the catering package or souvenir gifts for your guests. Or, instead, the hampers you can send to your people’s door without even needing to see each other! Even safer than micro-events, I suppose. For this concept, you can search for the DIY tutorials of making the boxes and the whole package on the internet. But if you don’t have much time, you can find the grazing boards in the market as many companies produce and put them on sale nowadays.

Then, you can still take this concept to the next level with virtual gatherings. Sounds boring? You just wait. Now, look at this:

virtual gathering
Cr: Sarkis Studio

After you set the date for the virtual gathering and make sure all of your invitees get the hampers kit package, you’re all set to celebrate together from your own place. With this idea, the virtual guests can still enjoy and experience the party. Everyone is apart yet together; everyone is sitting in different places yet having the same dessert and drinking the same wine. I couldn’t think of a better and safer idea than this, actually. I heavily recommend you to try this one!


Small Charcuterie Boards

Cr: Elegant Affairs Caterers

As in this day and age no one wants their food shifted and skimmed by hands that aren’t their own, this idea of using charcuterie boards for the meals makes its way to the party trend. Each guest could grab their own mini charcuterie board for a bite. Nobody is sharing with the other, it’s all yours – just you and your cubes of cheese and pieces of bread.


Food to-go

buffet self serve
Cr: Grace Design

Another ‘no touchy’ meal package for you is the buffets and self-serve layouts. From the charcuterie in jars to packed lunches, single-serve portions are on the rise. For more fun and personality, play creatively and design your own packaging.


Themed face masks

matching masks
Cr: Stag & Hen

Take the party to the next level by setting a theme for your party and pull out one ultimate rule: wearing theme-matching face masks. Make wearing masks enjoyable and stylish! You can do this in two ways: either tell your invitees to match the masks on their own, or you customize the masks to distribute later to the guests. Either way, your party is gonna be awesome and safe at the same time.


Color mix-match

Who would’ve expected these combinations of colors in your party?

electic colors
Cr: Charmaine Mallari


Cr: We-Do Production

Surprise your guests with the anticipated colors mix-match trend. Neons paired with neutrals, unusual wedding palettes, color wheel clashings, and more unique splashes are on our list of designs to look out for. More eclectic hues from pastel pinks to wonderfully shocking oranges, flashy yellows, and even some neon aqua. Or, the classic baby blue combined with baby pink that is shockingly adorable – cuteness overload!


Mini cakes

mini cakie
Cr: ExGlow

You wouldn’t need to order some big load cake to later slice it into pieces for your guests. Such a waste of time and, moreover, a lot of touchy. Instead, turn your cake into multiple miniatures, secure them with coverings (yes, those coverings we’ve talked of above), and put them on the table for your guest to self-serve. By this concept, you also wouldn’t deal with uneven and unfair slices of cakes anymore. Well, equal serving brings justice for everyone! Lol. For less formal or simpler taste, you can opt for cupcakes. But I guess mini cakes are rare and more appealing, no? It’s worth trying this new party trend, really.


Outdoor party

outdoor micro wedding
Cr: Over the Moon

Last but not least, outdoor-themed party trend. As it is less contaminated when we’re outdoor, consider having this major theme for your next gathering. The outdoor concept also enhances social distancing, so it’s guaranteed safer for everyone who still wants to gather. A side note is to keep the circle small. You can check more of our ideas about safe outdoor gatherings here.


Even though we’re all still stuck in the pandemic, it doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. It’s okay to go outdoor sometimes as we’re all tired of being in the dungeon for almost the entire year. With ideas and improvisations, we can create a safe space for us to be together whilst still following the safety protocol. Now, enjoy your celebration to the fullest! I believe, this too shall pass.



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