Recommended: Rustic Decor Items on Etsy

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You don’t know where to look to pull out your rustic decor perfectly? Check out our affordable rustic decor recommendation you can find on Etsy here.

Tree Branch Candleholders


This set of 3 branch-like candleholders is made from untreated wood. The wood itself is natural, so it may crack a bit over time. But doesn’t it what makes it rustic? The little slight cracks would add a more used, worn-out look to them.


Blanket Ladder


Besides décor, this blanket ladder is also functional to use in any of your home spaces. Made from natural wood, it definitely suits your rustic décor well. And of course, you can hang more stuff other than blankets only, like scarfs, towels, and many more.

Moreover, they come in some different wooden structures that you can customize: natural unpainted wood, whitewashed wood, rustic umber wood, rustic gray wood, and rustic dark wood. Or if you’re more into solid colors, these may suit your rustic project just right: white, black, light gray, Crayola blue, light blue, light pink, and light green.


Wooden Key Holder

Up next is this rustic key organizer that’s handcrafted from pine wood and silver metal horseshoe nails. So, for sure it is strong and durable for your use. And as you can see, they offer 3 different colors for you to opt for: early American (brown), Jacobean (dark brown), and weathered white.


Teal Mason Jar Set


They have more tints than the other three above. This set-of-3 farmhouse Mason jars are coated in three shades of teal chalk, making it beautiful to put in any room. They are all hand-painted and hand-distressed to make the rustic feel more vibrant and charming. You can put your houseplant and flowers, real or faux one – either is the same good, in this set.


Beige Woven Jute Area Rug


Feel the beauty of nature while sustaining the eco-friendly spirit with this braided Boho jute rug. As it’s handmade from jute and ramp, the natural fibers are highly absorbent and easy to clean. Gently and regularly vacuum it and keep it exposes to direct sunlight to maintain its rustic look and durability.

It comes in various sizes and shapes. For more detail, visit the page here!


Modern Rustic Potholder


The handmade crochet potholders are great to protect your table and any surface from the warm dishes, as well as grabbing and handling the lids and utensils. However, don’t place your pots and dishes straight out of the oven on this potholder. You should wait for few minutes to keep it from being damaged. It comes in three color selections, such as beige, brown, deep sage, and black feck.


Wood Floor Lamp

It’s handmade from wooden logs and pinewood and already includes 5 special bulbs. This rustic wood floor lamp is 130 cm high and has a foldable portable design. You can opt for black or natural wood for its color.


Modern Wooden Wall Art


If you like the modern rustic looks better for your décor art, you should check this one. The wooden wall art is made of new and recycled wood, forming a mosaic in five different tones. It’s elegant yet still rustic. Each piece’s dye color is already coat-finished, so all colors are protected.


Rustic Memo Board

Make your memo journaling aesthetic with this pine wood memo board. It’s perfect for your shopping lists, reminders, or any other simple notes. It includes 100-rolls of kraft paper and a saw-tooth hook to hang it. You can even choose the paper color, they come in white and brown colors.


Small Copper Vintage Pot

This mini plant holder comes in cute vintage style to complete your rustic décor. You can purchase in a set of two, or just one – either the smaller or the bigger pot.


Floating Edge Shelf

Made from firm wood, this floating shelf can hold all kinds of your stuff. As long as it still fits, it would always be steady for you. They also have more materials besides black walnut that you can request to customize, like maple, ash, oak, sycamore, East Indian rosewood, cherry, catalpa, and cottonwood. Various sizes are also available; for more detail, go directly to the page here.


Wine Barrel Top Clock

This vintage clock was fabricated out of old wine barrels and includes a beautiful engraving of an old winery. It definitely radiates elegance and rustic at the same time. Surely you want to fascinate your guests with this unique giant clock.


Toile Upholstery Fabric

With its retro vintage style, this fabric is quite functional for you to use. It’s pretty for pillows, cushions, chairs, sofas, couches, benches, stools, tablecloths, and so forth. The pastel colors, floral patterns, and birdy printings are the main charm points of this retro fabric. Its beauty is perfect for decorative purposes as well!


Botany Embroidery Hollow Lace Fabric

This woodland botany-inspired fabric is absolutely beautiful for any of your project. Made of cotton, the fabric is comfortable and soft. Its pretty and adorable yet simple floral motifs make it perfect to compliment your rustic décor.


Plumeria Flower Charm


Another flora to your rustic décor. This handcrafted hanging flower charm décor is made of driftwood, stone, jute ring, and painted wood. Give your whole rustic décor a refreshing touch with this hanging charm.


Nautical Cotton Rope Holder Ring

Last but not least, we got you this rope holder ring. It’s specially made for your rustic bathroom; use it to hang your towel, toilet paper, or anything you need to. It also would fir well with industrial and boho theme décor. As it comes with its own screw, it would be easy-peasy for you to install.



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