Home Organizing and Restocking: A Game-Changer Trend

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

If you scroll through the TikTok, Insta, or YouTube trends, you might ever found some satisfying content of organizing and restocking fridges, pantries, laundry cabinets, and many more. From storing dry pasta and candies into jars to refilling handsoap or detergent into its container, they all make some sort of satisfying sounds. Moreover, as everything always gets organized and tidied up in the end, it makes them very pleasant to see. That’s what makes these trends are fun to watch, or even worth trying!

This time, we’re going to dig into the home organizing and restocking trends. Why is it such a game-changer and more than just satisfying content? By the end of this article, I’ll make you convinced to give it a try – or at least get addicted to watching the trends 🤤


Why organize and restock?

This once come to my mind: Why they seem to love organizing so much? How are they so motivated? And why fuss themselves to refill or restock things from their original packaging to other jars? Isn’t it so much to do? It’s not compulsive buying?

Maybe because I’m not a pretty much organized person – and moreover, a broke college student who can’t afford all those jars yet lol, I couldn’t understand why those content creators do all those organizing and restockings. Until one day when I bumped into this one creator whose username I couldn’t remember, but what she said stays forever in my mind. By doing organizing and restockings, out of hobbies and habits, she’s been contributing to the environment.

Yes, you read it right. She said that she started to learn better and more disciplined about picking plastic, paper, organic, non-organic wastes. So, after she restocks and refills, she finds it easier to pick the packaging wastes according to their types. Then, she can easily decide what she can do with each waste: whether to reduce it, reuse it, or recycle it.

It may ain’t do so big for the environment and society, but starting with small things like this at your own home can ever make a difference for your well-being at the very least. I couldn’t be more inspired by organizing and restocking after listening to her story. Though I’m still broke to afford those jars now, at least somehow I got some meaningful motivation and inspiration from them to do so someday.

Another good deed you contribute to by doing so is supporting small businesses. In these days of uncertainty, many small businesses are not doing very well. You can find and buy their goods, like the jars or containers, the food stocks, the sweets, the scented candles, the soaps, and many more – according to your needs, of course. It’s even better and more meaningful if you buy from the local business in your area! 😀

Oh, and after some thinkings, this activity is not a compulsive buying as long as we restock according to our needs 😉 it could be monthly or weekly – count all you need!

And, after all, isn’t getting everything neat and clean good for your mind and soul?

Where can you get inspired?

Easy, you can find them anywhere on TikTok, Insta, or even YouTube. You surely have at least one of those platforms, don’t you? I found my first ever content on Insta and I got mind-blown right away.

I recommend you these users, so make sure you check them out!

Andrea Nava

TikTok @andreanava.7 | IG andreamnavaa | YT Andrea Nava









In her bio, they mention being passionate about home decor and organization. You surely will get many worth-it inspos from them.



TikTok @homewithchloex | IG homewithchloe_x | YT homewithchloex

This creator’s main theme is house cleaning. Now get some cleaning tips from them!


Kaeli McEwen

TikTok @kaelimaee

They have such an aesthetic organizing and restocking on her TikTok page. Check out her Amazon storefront kaelimcewen for many kinds of organizers’ recommendations!


Melissa Harbers

TikTok & IG @m_h_interiordesign

They have all you need from organizing, cleaning, restocking, to DIYs and tips & tricks!


Natasha Surya

TikTok @natasha.surya | IG natashadap

This one is a creator from Indonesia, and thus she speaks mostly in Indonesian in her videos. However, you can still get inspired by her home decor and organizing inspos. I mean, language can’t be the barrier when you can still watch how she works the work! And lucky for you if you’re also from Indonesia because she also share where she gets all of her goods from.


That’s all for today, hope you get inspired! Now give it a try, tho. Happy organizing and restocking! And remember to not panic or impulsive buying, stay safe!


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