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Source: Reddit
Source: Reddit

A room as your personal space can have its own themes, too. Not only you can make it into certain solid colors. You can also make it based on your favorite styles, movies, TV shows, and many more. Themed room is for everybody of all ages. Check out our trendy room themes here below!


Avengers Room

Source: Buy Batuba Design

Who doesn’t love the Marvel gang? If you’re one of their fans, try to make an Avengers-themed room. From children to adults, this theme will always fit. There are so many decors and furnishings with designs of the superheroes for the bedroom. We also got some inspos of the Avengers room décor here.


Galaxy Room

Source: Galaxy Lamps

This one is one of the timeless themes. The atmosphere and overall vibes give are always astronomical, though. So, no wonder it always makes it to the list. To afford this theme is actually pretty easy. Starting from the simplest way which is by putting on the light projector, you already have those starry skies and milky auroras at your ceiling.


Morning Room

Source: PullCast

A morning room is nothing new, in fact, is a classic one. As for how it’s named, it’s a room where you usually start your day doing some morning routines, like sipping the morning coffee, chit-chatting, reading news, watching TV, and so on. Maybe you don’t know the essentials of a morning room before you try to make one as your day starter packs. Imagine waking up to a nice view and atmosphere in the morning. It could be your living room, kitchen, or even patio. So, décor it up!


Disney room

Source: HomeMyDesign

This theme actually has so many ideas – like, imagine all those Disney movies and characters! You can choose to make the room to have an overall Disney theme; or use one movie inspo as your theme, such as Mickey Mouse room, Toy Story room, Neverland room, 101 Dalmatians room, the Disney princess room, and so forth.


Legendary Icons Room

Source: Pinterest

Movie icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are often made as an inspiration for a vintage-themed room. They are not timeless beauty icons for no reason. Glam up your room with the iconic legends of your lifetime.


Farmhouse Room

Source: OneKindesign

You’re a fan of rustic and humble countryside feels? Then opt for farmhouse fashion as your room style. We promise you it’s more than just white walls and weathered wood! Whether you prefer a bedroom with warm neutrals or splashes of vibrant color, you can pull it out to your farmhouse bedroom.


Cottagecore Room

Source: Reddit

If you love calming pastels, pretty flowers, and vintage accessories, mix and match them all into a cozy cottage room. You don’t need to move far away to cottage ville to get the cottage vibes. Instead, make your personal space into the style of cottagecore.


Mermaid Room

Source: Fin Fun Blog

This one’s such a dreamy room inspo. It would especially be so cute for your daughter’s room. All the iconic soft colors are whimsical and pretty in the bedroom. Soar through the sea and dive into the ocean of the mermaid paradise.


Minecraft Room

Source: Nimvo

Calling all the Minecraft lovers here. Why not turn your hobby into a more personal touch, like decorating your room with its theme? The block-like structures, earthy tones, and unique characters will make your room look adventurous, soothing, and fun all at once.


Arizona Room

Source: TripAdvisor

An Arizona room is a semi-outdoor recreational room found frequently in homes in Arizona. The room is often a patio that has been covered and screened in, creating an outdoor feeling while preventing excessive heat and keeping insects and animals out. Most Arizona people use the room to relax and mingle. And you can bring this concept to your own bedroom, with some soothing and neutral colors and cozy furnishings. It’s also a good idea if you’re planning to renovate your bedroom; make some bigger windows or open ceiling so you can turn your room into an outdoor room at day. Voila, there goes your Arizona room.


Dinosaur Room


This one is for your kiddos and toddlers. Add a little adventurous Jurassic Park to their room while also learning about the history of the extinct creatures. It will absolutely be unique and cute!


Minion Room

Source: ArtStation

Definitely a cutie. Have fun with this bunch of joyous bundles in your room – or the kids’, of course. The minions are always being in the list of the cutest gang you can make as room décor and interior.


Emoji Room

Source: WallpaperTip

Express your emotions with emojis. Not only in your texts, but also in your personal space! Emoji bedroom has never been outdated. Who knows, positive and bright surroundings can as well make positive vibes!


Aesthetic White Room

Source: Girlcheck

Last but not least, the aesthetic white room. Whites never fail the humble minimalist aesthetic, so you shouldn’t doubt having it in your room. Combine it with the minimalist chic decors to make it more shiny and cozy.


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