Rustic Decor 101: Guide, Tips, and Tricks

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The rustic decor and whole interior is all about nature that you can bring to your very own home. Think about the natural materials, distressed wood, industrial metal, neutral colors, heavy stones, burlap textiles, farmhouse, countryside, and vintage charms. All of those aesthetics are meant to make you feel cozy, relaxed, and down to earth, as if you’re really living at the countryside.

So, you can bring those materials and elements through your furnishings, utilities, artworks, and/or home decorations. Combine them to complement each other and make a whole big theme of rustic style. And not only in your home, you can also slay the rustic look through your outdoor decors – in case you want to make sure everyone passing by sees your statement!

According to Modsy, there are several types of rustic interior and décor you can choose to work on your space. For a minimalist design, you can go with Scandinavian style; or the simplest basic colors like rustic white for a more modern takeout.

Moreover, some most common and popular décor styles are such as:

  • Farmhouse Style – this is the classic one that has all the elements of rustic décor. Natural materials, warm woods, industrial metal, and tons of fiber are usually the farmhouse trademarks of rich textures and accents.
  • Hygee – originated from the Danish concept of having pleasure in simple things in life. This style is all about comfort, featuring light woods, soft textures, and handmade decor.
  • Modern Rustic – it’s a combination of mid-century modern design and rustic décor. There are clean-lined furniture, cowhide and leather pieces, and warm-colored patterns that you can find in this type.


Rustic Décor Elements

Distressed Wood

A distressed accent would achieve a timeworn look. You can put this element on your furniture like a console table, coffee table, floating rack; or the wooden wall décor. Moreover, you can also opt for wood flooring or wood paneling to add a perfect hint of luxury. Meanwhile, light-colored wood is the one you should go after if you want more feel like in a log cabin in the woods.

Industrial Metal

Industrial metal lighting would bring balance to your whole rustic look without overshadowing. Try some metal chandelier or metal floor lamp for this one; not only can it lit up the room, but also add a different texture to your space. For a whole complete industrial look, combine it with distressed wooden furniture.

Moreover, iron, copper, and brass are also perfect for your rustic farmhouse décor accessories. Apply it to your furniture or wall decors. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still use the imitation version with good quality – it will look just as amazing for your rustic interior design. Click here for more ideas on industrial metal décor.


For a rustic kitchen or bathroom, flagstone flooring would definitely rock. It’s natural, practical, durable, warm, and cozy. While for the living room, a stone fireplace may be a nice idea. However, if you don’t have a fireplace, you can still get the warm fiery vibes by using yellow or orange lighting in your room.

Fabrics & Textiles

Fabrics can be comforting in charge of making your décor feel even warmer. This is can be pulled out easily on your blankets, checked fabrics, chunky knits, and sheer curtains. Furthermore, faux fur and patterned woven can also add a more luxurious feel to your rustic room. You may use it for throw pillows or rugs.

Then, there’s plaid. Plaid accessories are also the ones that you shouldn’t miss. As one of the rustic principles is about earth tones, choose colors like browns (beige, neutral, taupe, etc) and greens (sage, teal, army, etc). Bolder plaid accents would give pop color to your rustic theme; while neutral plaid would make a more subtle look.

Soft Leather

With soft leather, you can make your furniture to be your decor as well. For instance, your sofa and/or chair upholstered. If you opt for distressed leather, it will pull out a used look that fits perfectly to your rustic space. Add soft white throw pillows to soften the tough-looking leather.

Brick Walls

You can use either real or faux ones, as long as they are bricks for this one. The brick wall would give a textured and unfinished look, perfect to complement your rustic room. Then, you can leave it be the way it is or hang some artwork to add even more woodsy or earthy elements; like mountain or forest landscapes, or animal paintings. It’s also nice to combine with wood and leather furnishing units.

Animal Accents


Of course, animal accents wouldn’t go wrong to give a woodland feel. You can make your pillows or rugs in animal printings, or hang some antlers on the wall for wilder and more chic vibes. But if you want it rather more subtle, just add smaller antlers instead to your wooden bookshelf or wall shelf.


Rustic Décor Essential Tips by Modsy

  • Invite Contrast – a high-contrast palette like the monochromatic black and white would give modern vibes to your rustic décor. Another concept that you can try is contrasting earthy colors for a more classic and stuffy feel. The higher the contrast of the palette, the deeper the rustic feel – also the brighter the neutral furnishings will shine.
  • Mix the Materials and Textures – to add more depths, mix different rustic décor and natural materials. Now you can contrast the neutral colors with natural tones, hard and soft materials, and vintage and modern furniture units.
  • Layer, layer, layer – layering your textiles is such an essential step. It will add depth, warmth, and a homey feeling to the room. For example rugs for the floor; sofa and poufs for the mid-level; and curtains for walls and windows.
  • Choose Comfortable Foundations – the most important piece of rustic space is a comfortable sofa or sectional; like a plush sofa with firm and well-made cushions. Cozy armchairs can also be a complement to your sofa. The key is to set a warm and welcoming tone in your space.
  • Embrace the Vintage – rustic always include retro historical pieces. Vintage and antique décors or furnishings are the simple keys to a rustic home.
  • Add Nature-Inspired Charm – floral patterns, animal motifs, and neutral pastel colors are what you can try for this one. It would achieve the aesthetic shabby chic rustic interior with its warmth and touch of romance.
  • Skip All Formalities – keep the space layouts casual, neutral, and relaxed. You can go after simple furniture instead of the more formal ones. Avoid anything that feels rigid and overly traditional.
  • Use Natural Materials – as mentioned before! (go back to the ‘Rustic Décor Elements’ if you miss it.)


Now, isn’t it easy so far? So the keys of rustic are neutral, relaxed, and natural. You only need to go for your favorite ones, anything that has those three keys. It’s anywhere you can find it, both in shops and online platforms. We also have more recommendations for the rustic décor here from Etsy.

Have a blast!

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