A Quick Guide to Re-Decorate Your Shelves

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Have you paid attention to your shelves? Looking tacky and cluttered? Maybe they need some new order, organization, and even decorating now. We’ll be sharing some quick guides to decorate your shelves with this step-by-step.

How to start

The basic way to start is to make your shelves as blank as white canvases. Put down all the clutter first; that way, you can see the space that you have on the shelves and what you want to fill them with. Then, you can visualize what colors you want your palette to be; whether you want to start over a new palette or just use the old one only with the new organization.

The next step is you can collect the stuff you want to put in as well as decorate the shelves with. Maybe add some new decor items, too, to complement the current items – especially when you want to start over, perhaps you would even need more new items.

Here are some inspirations for the items you would want to put on your shelves:

  • Plants (you can also opt for the faux)
  • Books
  • Vases, pitchers, bowls, baskets, and other vessels
  • Vase fillers
  • Picture frames
  • Small mirrors
  • Letters or monograms
  • Candles
  • Coasters and stands to add height
  • Lanterns
  • Demijohns
  • Small sculptures
  • Orbs


The “leaners” as the first layers

Cr: Abby Lawson

They are the flat-dimension items like frames and mirrors that lean against the shelves, and thus they can be such background for the other objects. If you want a more attractive dimension, this trick is perfect to try. You can miz them in various heights, shapes, and sizes.

The frames don’t always have to fit pictures or photographs in them. They could be wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, gift bags, your most unique or pretty greeting cards, artwork, old book pages, feathers, leaves or dried flowers, antique documents, or even free printable pictures you can print easily from the internet.


Balancing smaller pieces with larger accents

Cr: Abby Lawson

If you have more smaller items than the larger ones, or likewise, you can add the accent of their opposite. Because if there are too many small decor pieces, it would end up looking junky and cluttered. Therefore, you need to fill the gaps with larger items so they won’t look too cluttered. Balancing is essential here.

The larger pieces can also fill the space at the back, then layer it with the smaller ones.


Variety is the key

Cr: house by hoff

Make sure the objects you put are varied in size, shape, and height to make them more interesting. You have to put them separately rather than just grouping them who look similar in one place together.


Shelves of the odd numbers

Did you know? Our eyes tend to like groups of odd numbers. So, try to make groups of 3, 5, or 7 objects for your shelves decorating.


Repeat the accents and elements

Cr: house by hoff

Repeating will make your new decorated shelves less cluttered. For example here, some stuff that got repeated are the blue vases, the wire baskets, the terra-cotta pots, coverless paperbacks, greenery, and wooden photo frames. See, a lot of repetition. You can also repeat the elements of color and texture besides the decor accents.


Layered books for shelves decor

This one is especially for the bookshelf. Try to play with the placement – vertical and horizontal. Then, place a few small pieces of art near the front of the shelves to give them depth. You may want to try bulky vases or decorative plates.

Besides the placement, you can play with their sizes as well. Mix the sizes a bit to make it more attractive. Another way is to group and match them according to their colors.

Cr: Better Homes & Gardens


Add bookend to your shelves

Cr: Better Homes & Gardens

Not only do the bookends hold the books together and organized, but also do decorate the shelves. Especially of your books are mostly paperbacks and slimmer, as they are less likely to stay upright.


Pretty easy and quick, right? Now go and try your own! Be creative and give the very best 😆



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