Solar Power: Eco-Friendly Solar Lights

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It’s time to save more energy for a healthier earth. You can start by converting your electricity to solar energy. Even the smallest act could lead to a bigger impact!


Craftersmark Solar Lights Outdoor

These outdoor solar-sourced energy lights are outdoor lamps for a reason. At noon, they will absorb sun rays to the fullest. Then, as you have guessed, at night they will shine of solar power. The lighting system has 4 heads and a multi-joint rotatable design, which can provide wider illumination. Also, it’s provided with a motion sensor and remote control that can switch between three lighting modes and on/off within 8 meters distance.

Furthermore, the solar motion lights outdoor have 3 working modes: Sensor mode [Motion detected high-light; the light went out after person left 20-25s]; Dim light sensor mode [Motion detected high-light; stay dim light after the person left 20s]; and Mid-light without sensor mode [Constant bright, 30% brightness of high-light].

Even better, the solar lights can be mounted on the wall, separately or together. It definitely wouldn’t need any electrical connection, only to follow a few simple wiring and punch steps. In special addition, the LED floodlight outdoor is made of durable ABS material, making it suitable for any weather and conditions. I promise it would make excellent security lights for your porch, backyard, front door, garage, driveway, walkway – anywhere you love it to be.


More Features & Advantages

Here we provide you more highlighted benefits you can get from the solar lights features:

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle: The wide sensing angle is up to 270° and the maximum sensing distance is 27ft around the lights. The lighting angle of the 4-head light could be adjusted to horizontal and vertical directions when necessary.

Super Bright Light: With 200 LED beads, the solar light can provide 2000 lumens brightness to light up your yard around.

Energy Saving: 3 intelligent induction modes help to save electricity energy a lot! And most importantly, it’s eco-friendly!

Using Friendly: The solar light lights up immediately once people come in darkness, this can help people to see more clearly in darkness to avoid any inconvenience and accidents.

All Weather Resistant: IP 65 Waterproof tech is the newest tech in this light system. As a result, these motion-sensor solar lights are durable and resistant to all weather from frosty rain to sunny heat.


Check It Out of the Amazon NOW!

Let me direct you to the link here for purchasing, shipment, and other further info on the Craftersmark Solar Outdoor Lights.


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