Timeless Aesthetic: Vintage Decor Inspos

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Vintage never fades. It’s always been and will always be one of the best aesthetics of all time. Seriously, who doesn’t love it? Thus, you should try bringing vintage to your space once at the very least. Here’s our recommendation of vintage home decor that will amuse your home:


Vintage Wooden Laundry Sign

The first one on our vintage home decor ideas list is this retro laundry sign made of wood. Your laundry room needs some decor, too! It’s a set of 4 pieces in dark brown color and comes with twines on either side and a fixed hook at the back. Moreover, the material itself is stable, lightweight, non-toxic, and durable. It would suit any style of your room, especially a farmhouse fresh home.


Birdcage Candle Holder 

Comes in distressed black and ivory as its color selection, this birdcage lantern will make your candle shine aesthetically. You can put it in your garden, fireplace mantle, side table, entryway decoration, table centerpiece, and many more. The vintage style home decor would definitely suit any style, especially a farmhouse, rustic, metallic, modern, and industrial. style


Vintage Wood Treasure Casket

The next retro vintage home decor is this treasure box. It can be used both as a display and a storage box. Either way, it’s absolutely gorgeous and will attract your guests to look at it. You can simply store small stuff like candy, jewelry, paper clips, and so forth in it.


Vintage Style Film Projector 

Now this one is such an antique decor idea for vintage theme. Its retro style gives the product a sense of age, so let it give your home with such touch. It’s high-quality, lightweight, and realistic as it could be. The old-fashioned film projector is definitely suitable for any of your space, such as living room, shop window, bar, even coffee shop, and many more.


Vintage Ferris Wheel Photo Frames

With its nostalgic style, this rotatable ferris wheel that comes as photo frames will be the adorable vintage house decor you can ever have. It contains six small photo frames that can hold up to twelve 4″ x 2.4″ photos. The distressed wood design gives off the rustic, farmhouse, country so much. The frame is made of acrylic, plastic, and glass that are dustproof and durable. Collect all your favorite photos in one windmill and share the memories!


Antique Rotary Dial Telephone

This special vintage decor is not only decorative, but is also useful to make a dial! It’s a rotating retro landline phone with one button to answer phone calls, and dialing and redialing functions; no external power supply, no battery, just use the phone line to work. The special design on the handset ensures that the incoming call ringtone and the call are clear. It’s made of high-quality epoxy resin and sprayed with imported protective oil, making it durable over time. Most and foremost, the table metallic luster has made the retro rotary dial telephone more old-fashioned yet beautiful, for sure.


Vintage Flower Print 1909 – Adolphe Millot Poster

Straight out of Etsy home decor collection! The botanical print series of flower edition would absolutely beautify your home space and please the eyes of every beholder. Made in France, the quality is no doubt. This poster is a work of digital restoration in order to produce a high quality reproduction. It’s not too thick nor too thin; thus the light thickness gives a “touch” to the paper and a matte finish that turns out the colors well while avoiding reflections. Furthermore, they also have other editions of vintage mushroom, plants, veggies, fruits, and even more flowers.


Decorative Antique Hardcover Book

Reading and decorating all at once? We don’t see why they can’t unite. Well you should opt for this lot of 10 hardcover mixed vintage books for such experience! Another decorative and multifunctional vintage decor that is surely unique. For real, they are aunthentically old with copyright dates between 1880 and 1970. Moreover, you can customize your book compilation according to your preference of color theme.


Vintage Halloween Banner – Man in the Moon

A simple and cehap halloween-themed vintage decor. This halloween banner consists of 5 different moon images: one with a black scaredy cat, a jack-o-lantern man, a cute owl, a witch, and a little flying bat. They were photographed, cleaned up, and printed on both sides onto heavy cardstock, and strung onto a 7′ (2.13m) piece of black and white Baker’s Twine; making it durable and firm.




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